Sunday, January 07, 2007

Toddler Talk

Friday afternoon the kiddos and I were waiting in the drive thru at the bank when they started chanting "Lol-li-pops! Lol-li-pops!" I asked the teller if she had any lollipops and she replied that they only had stickers in the drive thru. The children were deflated. Then K said, "Mom-ma, we need a new bank."

Today R has been melting his Daddy's heart by telling him, "I gonna grow up to be like you, Daddy" over and over again. Tonight on the way home from dinner, he repeated this statement, then said, "and Momma, maybe you can grow up to be like K."

Oh, those little minds!


Perri said...

I don't think growing up to be like Kate would be a bad thing at all. She's a sweet, fiesty, confident, loving, nurturing girl who loves God. What a good world it would be if everyone grew up to be like Kate.

Lindsey: Mama of Andrew, Adam, and Ally said...

That was too cute! Thanks for sharing with us about your children's early days and about your illness. I had a pulmonary edema after getting close to toxic levels of mag-sulfate and it was terrifying to feel like I was suffocating but mine was not near as severe as yours so I'm sure you were horrified. Praise God for happy endings!

Erin said...

Too cute! :-)

Erin said...

Okay, I just finished reading your wonderful 4 part story! Oh, my it is such an amazing story! I loved every minute of it! Thanks for sharing!