Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's My 200th Post

Since I cut corners on my 100th post and only listed 33.3 things about are 33.3 more! These are completely RANDOM.
1. I am left handed.
2. I wish I could be pregnant one more time, with one baby and no issues...just to see what "normal" is like. I do not wish to change what I have, just to have that experience too.
3. I have never colored my hair.
4. I was a very late bloomer who weighed 49 lbs and was 4 ft tall in the 6th grade.
5. I have travelled as far as Singapore & Hong Kong.
6. I did NOT like Hong Kong. I was there on Valentine's Day without a tour guide or an interpretter. It was the loneliest day of my life.
7. My favorite article of clothing is a good pair of jeans.
8. I love to be barefoot.
9. I had my belly button pierced in college because no one thought I would do it. It is was in the Summer and I was so embarassed that I had done it I refused to wear a swimsuit. It lasted 3 weeks.
10. I used to be a serial leadfoot. I have had at least 10 speeding tickets in my life. (Only 2 in the last 5 years, though)
11. I LOVE a good road trip.
12. Fall is my favorite season.
13. If I could play any instrument it would be the guitar.
14. I dance and sing for my children all the time, even though I am not good at either one. You should hear how they giggle. They say, "Mommy! Be silly some more" and I comply.
15. I really like being my age and don't look back on younger years wistfully.
16. If I won the lottery and had money for a completely shallow splurge, it would be for someone to come wash & blow dry my hair. I do not enjoy these tasks.
17. I do not enjoy exercise, much to my cardiologist's dismay!
18. As of November 1st, my Christmas list is 75% complete.
19. But there are more pressing tasks I am completely proscrastinating on doing.
20. I despise politics.
21. I enjoy talk radio.
22. My favorite place to window shop is a nice stationery store.
23. If I had a second career after children, it would be in social work.
24. I have been incredibly blessed with rich and wonderful friendships in my life.
25. I am a surgery wimp, but if I WERE ever to have plastic surgery, it would be on my nose. I am still scarred from boys in high school teasing me about it. Seriously.
26. I used to only require 6 hours of sleep a night, but since the birth of my children, I MUST have 9 hours a night or I am toast! (I think it is a side effect of my medication.)
27. I am at peace with my life.
28. I still look at my children frequently and think...did we really make those little people? Holy cow!
29. I love making lists.
30. I have never liked the taste of beer. Yuck! (and the whole, argument about acquiring a taste for it is silly. Why would you TRY to acquire a taste for something you do not like in the first place?)
31. I started praying for my husband in the 10th grade, at the urging of my Bible Study leaders.
32. I already pray for my children's future spouses.
33. I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to be famous. I find the whole celebrity worship thing bizarre. I don't even understand the draw to autographs. Yet, I have a secret addicition to celebrity gossip.
.333 I'll finish the list up for the 300th the rate I am posting lately, it might be by the end of the year.


Alison said...

Congrats on 200 posts! Wonderful look into your life. thanks for sharing!

Life full of blessings said...

Loved reading your is fun to "get to know" you better!
OH, and by the way, the friend I have that also has triplets, two boys and one girl....was very blessed to experience normal pregnancy and delivery with their third son, when her triplets were very young, so wait and see what God has :)
God bless my sister in Christ!

erin said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your little list!! Congrats on #200!!

Katie said...

jen, i love to read your blog... thanks for all of the posts. love the halloween costume ideas! very creative. and those high school boys were just cruel and i probably know who they were! when yours grow up, teach them how to act around cute girls so they won't make the same mistake of thinking they are flirting when really they are hurting feelings! :)

Paula said...

Yea for you. I love reading your post and all the changes your family makes. I am with you on the famous thing. Who would want to be invaded the way they are???

Anonymous said...

What a fun list! I, too, am a crazy list maker. One of my best friends calls me Listy Listerton as a nickname. And thank you.... EWWW, beer... I have often wondered about the "acquiring a taste" argument too... why would I want to? It's gross, completely gross tasting. Ugh. Hmmmm, what else? Oh yes, dancing and singing with kids... those are the only people EVER who get to see me act crazy like that. It's amazing what we'll do to make kids laugh. And boy, do they love it. A grownup acting so silly!

thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. i appreciate your prayers and yes, i do need them. this is a big battle to keep fighting and the devil likes to make me feel tired and hopeless.

love, calissa

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

I'm laughing at so much of this post!! I love the notion of having someone wash and dry my hair - I didn't realize I don't like these tasks either - until you mention it!! I'm amazed that you've never colored your hair. WOW - lucky you ... your locks are naturally beautiful! (And how are you so fit w/o working out?!)

Beer, I'd have to disagree with that, there are some beers that are so darn tasty (especially after a full day of snow skiing) ... but I do agree that why try to aquire a taste for something you don't like?! I never could drink coffee, much to my husband's dismay!!

I love the idea about praying for our children's spouses. What a beautiful and important thing to pray for ... I better start now!!

Happy 200! :)

Stacey said...

Those were such fun things! I love hearing about the people I read. It's nice to know they're just every day people like me : )

Happy 200th blog post!!

Zoanna said...

I enjoyed your post so much I actually did a cut-n-paste of the ones that apply to me. I may use it in the near future. I pray for my kids' spouses, love the age I am, love to be barefoot, don't wanna be famous/don't "get" autograph thing, and...even though my hubby and I didn't make triplets, we did make four who who made it thru birth and beyond. I still look at them and say, "Really? God really gave them to us?"

Zoanna said...

By 4 I mean 4 "singles" not born on the same day or even same year!

Becky said...

I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. Your story is truly an inspiration to me!