Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's All About Me

I just discovered there is a tradition in the Blogosphere, that you post 100 things about yourself on the occasion of your 100th Post. I just passed this milestone, so I will comply. (See #21-28 & #31-33)

100 seems like an awful lot, especially since most of you just want to see my children & hear about their antics. So, let's divide it by 3. Without further ado, my 33.333 things… (Feel free to click on over to the archives if you just want a toddler fix. I really won't be offended.)

1. My name is Jennifer.
2. Lots of people call me Jen.
3. I really have no preference between the two, but I always introduce myself as Jennifer.
4. Don’t ever call me Jenny.
5. When I am alone, SILENCE is my favorite sound.
6. I LOVE volunteer work/ministry.
7. Especially with middle school & teenage girls
8. I am a peacemaker.
9. My husband & I met on a blind date (Thank you Dee & Shane!)
10. We broke up for almost 2 years in the middle of our courtship
11. He is a PERFECT match for me, because his strengths round out my rough edges.
12. I always said I wanted 3 children before I was 35.
13. When I faced an infertility diagnosis at 29 that seemed impossible.
14. God proved me wrong!
15. This is one of the many, many reasons I have resolved to trust God with my life.
16. I am keenly aware of how blessed I am.
17. But still struggle with selfishness and greed
18. I absolutely desire to live a life that matters.
19. I am a doer.
20. I don’t understand people that can see an important problem & not care about how to fix it.
21. I like to teach.
22. My two greatest weaknesses are impatience
23. and being a sarcastic, smarty pants.
24. This may be the only meme-type thing I ever do on my blog
25. because when I saw that word on others people’s blogs & had not looked up the definition, I thought it meant Me, Me!
26. which is waaaayyy overused in a house full of 2 year olds
27. and I know you are all here to see the kids anyway. :-)
28. I am impatient with small talk.
29. I don’t have a Blogroll of the other blogs I visit, because I am always finding new ones I like.
30. And I do not want to leave anyone out.
31. I like to talk.
32. I am a rule follower.
33. but have a reigned-in rebellious streak
.333 and I am SURE there are lots of important things I have left out that I will think of for the next 2 weeks.


JenMom said...

meme n (mëm): A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. From the Greek mimëma, something imitated, from mimeisthai, to imitate.

In Blogspeak, a meme is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

That is really hysterical because I thought "meme" was about "ME, ME" too!!! LOL!!

We have a lot in common ...

- Jen (also short for Jennifer. Mom of triplets before the age of 35. Little patience. Extremely sarcastic. Best looking woman in the neighborhood who will defend my triplets to the end against playground bullies. Did you mention that, too?!)

Angie said...

Great list, I just did mine yesterday (or was it the day before that...anyhoo). Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

Kate said...

My man told me what a meme was too - and I also thought it was an 'about me' kinda thing... livin' and learnin' every day. This was fun - I loved how you made it a 33.33 thing. You forgot unique! ;)

Renee said...

I loved reading more about you and about how God has worked in your life. Your children are blessed to have you to help guide them along the way.

I, too, love the 33.33. That was cute!

Kim said...

I met my dh on a blind date too. We were engaged 3 months later and married a year after that -- 15 years this fall.

rusty said...

i could add, say..15 or 20 things on who you are! :) they would be a little outdated though. love catching up on your family..and we don't just read to see your kids!

Perri said...

I enjoyed this list and am looking forward to the others. As for my "creative parenting", as you so kindly put it, the only parenting book I have ever read was Dare to Discipline by Dr. Dobson - the rest comes from years of experience as a mom and foster parenting.

Life w/o a stroller - very brave woman. I did use the leash for Andi - because Zac was on an apnea monitor and I didn't want to be dealing with him and turn to find her gone. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought of it as a kindness really - I wouldn't want to shop for even an hour with my hand held above my head, which is basically what a toddler has to do when holding an adult hand.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Okay, two things:
1. Bloglines has been lying to me; I thought you just weren't posting! I opened your site today and found THREE posts! What on earth??

2. My 100th post is only a couple away, so I'm so glad to know that this is the reason for the "100 things" I see everywhere. I had no clue! And I love your 33.3 :)

Overwhelmed! said...

What a great 100th post, I love it! Your children are so beautiful!

Thanks so much for linking on my "Hooray for 100" link exchange!