Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Real Life: Photos from my iphone

I was planning to post tonight about yesterday afternoon's activities (K's first pedicure) but when I went to my iphone to retrieve the picture, I found a few other gems that were too entertaining not to share.

So, straight from my phone to this post...real, everyday life as recorded in pictures.

I snapped this one a few weeks ago of my front seat. It occurred to me as I glanced over that it is a picture of a Mama's life. Make-up bag, purse, wallet on the seat, baby wipes on the floorboard, random toy on the center console, phone charger and HOLY COW at the caffeine...three coffee cups and two Diet Cokes. For the record, that was 3 days' worth. :-)

I found this, randomly snapped of P in the middle of WalMart.

And back to yesterday's activities...The boys were invited on their first ever all boy playdate. K was a little disappointed, so I took the opportunity to satisfy a promise I made to her a few months ago...a pedicure after she turned 5.

I think she liked it...and check out those precious painted toes ready for a flip floppy Summer!

Meanwhile, when we went back to pick up the boys I found them having a blast in the sprinkler and rehearsing sounds of bodily functions. Ahh, boys!


Mindy said...

I am SO glad to see someone else's car look like mine =)

Love the cute pedi! My girls want to do this.....I think it is going to be on different weeks for some "mommy and me" time for each one of them.

Jenny Lynn said...

So cute!

Where did you get your bag?? I absolutely LOVE it :)

Jennifer said...

DSW--Discount Shoe place in Atlantic Station (Atanta). Hope that helps!!

Pattie said...

Looks like my car....just add a few books...that I read while waiting for the kids here and there.

The Adairsville Triangle said...

Did K get a hair cut? My O wants her hair cut but I cant bring myself to do it. Is it just as manageable with curly shorter hair? O had her first pedi this week too and she giggled all the way through it. Her favorite part was getting a flower painted on her big toe. She asked to go back a day later..wouldnt we all like a daily one? I think it would be so relaxing to start my day with one..

Jennifer said...

I cut 3-4 inches off K's hair last week. It is actually MORE manageable because she doesn't have to have a bow in it (which she was starting to refuse.)
I like it longer, but this is a great choice for Summer (and budding independence)