Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With The Old

We have spent our New Year's Eve taking down and putting away Christmas decorations. It brings new meaning to the phrase "out with old."

I have been contemplating if I will make any New Year's Resolutions. I usually do not, as I try to address things as they arise in my life. However, this afternoon I thought who couldn't use an opportunity to set some goals and start with a clean slate?

So, here are my hopes for 2009:
I hope to drink more water and less caffeine.

I hope to spend more time laughing with my children--to slow down long enough to linger in the moment--even if it means not crossing something off my list immediately.

I hope to laugh more often with my husband for that matter. There is much family business to discuss in the time we have together--between ministry, parenting, business, family matters and other stresses, there is more than enough intense subject matter. I want to be more intentional about being lighthearted.

I hope to look for more opportunities to point out my children's gifts and strengths--since the areas in need of improvement are often talked about more frequently.

I hope to leave places and people better than I found them--not because I changed them, but because I loved them with Christ's love.

And when I slip up on the aforementioned intentions, I am thankful to serve a God whose mercies are new every morning.

Happy New Year!


dee said...

I LOVE "not because I changed them, but because I loved them with Christ's love." I am going to remember that this year-thanks!!
Happy New Year from Disneyworld!

Margaret Ann said...

I love this post--thank you for your encouraging words! I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few months and appreciate your perspective on this stage of life.
We have a couple of mutual friends--Amanda from your high school, and your neighbors who we love spending time with at camp every summer. That makes me appreciate your perspective even more!
Happy New Year!

Christi said...

A lovely list - thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year!

Tonya Ingram said...

"point out my children's gifts and strengths-since the areas in need of improvement are often talked about more frequently"... this would be one of my goals as well. Encourage them in their gifts... something I've always strived to do, but often we see and talk about the opposite. Thank you for reminding me. Happy New Year.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I love your list -- it's fantastic!

geisme said...

I too was drawn to the comment about leaving people & places better; not because you changed them, but because you loved them with Christ's love. Wow, don't we ALL need to practice that a bit more.
Preach it Sista'!