Thursday, January 04, 2007

Toddler Talk: Behind the scenes

I love the video clip in the previous post because:
1. K is upset that she is not dressed like the boys. See, they like it! :-)
2. K tries to act shy and demure at first, then the real Wild Woman emerges! (See, Suzanne, she DOES talk!)
3. P is so busy trying to take his jacket off, he is oblivious to the sing-off happening in front of him. He is generally my singer, but he does not even try to compete for the alpha child, center of attention role in our family. As you can see, R & K are all over that competition!
4. How cute are there faces as they talk about Santa?
5. Oh, the pirate face!
6. R wants to be "a man" when he grows up. At least his goals are attainable.
7. My sweet, precious daughter, however, wants to be a dog.
8. When K falls flat on her face and stands up announcing, "I OK!"
9. It is sooo completely reflective of the constant chatter and activity going on around here.

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