Monday, August 14, 2006

Language Explosion

We have hit a language explosion around here in the last several days. R has started using complete 6-7 word sentences. Interestingly, they all start with "I want to..." Funny how human nature works isn't it?

I realized a few weeks ago that they TOTALLY comprehend 99% of what I am saying. This has been further evidenced by some of the things they have been saying back to me in the last few days.

Example 1: R was knee deep in playing with his motorcycles when I asked him to do something. He looked at me and said, "Hold on, pumpkin."

Example 2: Similar situation with K and she said, "A minute. I need to do somethin'." I said, "What do you need to do?" and she said,"'SOME-THIN"!"

Example 3: R was pulling K around the driveway in their triple wagon and said, "Mommy, I wanna take K see doggies." (This is what I always say to them when we walk around our neighborhood...that we're visitting all the neighbors' dogs.)

Example 4: As P climbs the stairs he chants under his breath "Be careful. Be careful. Be careful." He even told another little boy climbing the ladder on the playground, "Be careful." (Politely and like he was mothering him)

I know all this is normal. Of course they will learn to tell me what they want, but I am still new at this and it is freaking me out a little bit to have these little people and these big opinions!!

And, totally unrelated...but because the pictures make me giggle... here are my hot, sweaty, filthy-but-happy kiddos doing the Hokey Pokey this afternoon.

Life is good.


Stephanie said...

It was eye-opening to me how often I say, "just a minute" when my two year old started repeating it back to me :) Your kiddos are ADORABLE!

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Oh I loved when my kids started "really" talking to me:)Sometimes it's sooo silly because they think so diffrently as little people. Enjoy every minute of it!

LeslieAnn said...

I love it! And so sweet coming from such tiny little voices. (And so sincere!)

I never realized how much I said, "What's wrong?" and "It's okay." I got a "Bless you" for the first time today...

Too sweet! :)

Michelle said...

My Dad told me a while back that I must tell the kids to "be careful" a lot because that is what they tell him anytime they are doing anything with him! It really makes you think carefully about what comes out of your mouth!

Matt and Amy Snow said...

So cute! I love how their little personalities show through in their conversations. Check out my site today, you'll get a laugh at my title, too. I smiled the whole time I read this today!

Matt and Amy Snow said...

Oh! I forgot to mention that I LOVE the pout! She looks so familiar:)

katie said...

it often scares me when my kids repeat what i say... like an audio mirror to bring some conviction! (for those not-so-sweet-mommy moments.)

Teresa said...

I love it! I think it's so cute when you realize that they're little people with all of these "big" people words coming out!

I'm sure they sound just as cute as they look.

Lindsey: Mama of Andrew, Adam, and Ally said...

Hi Jenmom, I'm not totally sure how I ended up your site but it is one of my most favorite ones to visit, especially since I found out I'm expecting twins. You have such a beautiful family and your pictures and stories always brighten my day.


The Amazing Trips said...

I love it ... pumpkin!

That's got to be my favorite.

It's so great to see that they just keeping better with age. I don't know why I'm worried the cuteness will suddenly STOP!!! (I think the cuteness is what keeps me ALIVE most days!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jenmom... it's been a while since I posted 3 Wonderful Children in the House. :)

It's good to be here again, Jennifer. Your posts always make my day. Seeing those little kiddos grow up is really exciting... Hearing their words, oh you don't realize that they probably keep more words inside their brain to tell you just at the right time :).

Can't wait to see other stories about them, Jen...


Renee said...

We are constantly be reminded of the things that we say more often than not around here. They are definitely listening more than we think!

mamashine said...

So cute!
The other day I bumped my elbow and mine told me, "Oh, honey, that's a bad one! I so sorry!"

Here from MidlifeMoments. Love your cute kiddos!