Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Giving vs Being Taken

"...there is a difference between giving something and having it taken from you. If you still count the things that you lost with resentment, then you did not give them. You need to let go of those things that you no longer have...Let go of that list. Lay them down. Give them freely. Don't count them as stolen." - Rachel Jankovic, Fit to Burst

I read this passage a couple of weeks ago and its implications have seeped into many parts of my life.
The concept is straightforward, but the challenge is deep. I had never thought about serving others quite so simply. In motherhood, marriage, friendship, work, ministry...am I really giving of myself or am I feeling taken?

When I am feeling frustrated at home or in other areas of my life it is astounding how often it comes back to this truth. I didn't really give that. I feel like my service/kindness/time was robbed.

In this world that tells us to fight for ourselves and look out for number one the Lord tells us He will fight for us--and that the One we follow took on the nature of a servant.

I am still working through how this looks practically in my life. I have a long way to go--so even baby steps of progress will be good. But this I know: I don't want to walk through life feeling wronged, used, stolen from or taken advantage of...No, I want the joy that comes from generous living.

The Lord hasn't called us to be martyrs. He's called us to a life of love and generosity. Let's stop counting the cost and keeping score and be free.

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Denise Ross said...

Gosh, that's right on the money. Very true. I too have a lot of work to do in this area. Thanks this was a convicting post and one I needed to read and action it