Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is the Good Stuff

Tonight I had a moment
when I stopped, breathed deeply and realized
as colored leaves were slowly swirling down from the trees,
the temperature was perfect
and all three kids were having a great time.
These are the days.
Memories are being made.
Friendships with neighbors are deepening their roots through shared experiences.
Little red cheeks are stuffed with candy as they giggle and pant.
The costumes don't matter.
The moment really does.

This is the good stuff.
And for those of you that have been reading long enough to remember "The Shark that Ate My Pride," you will appreciate that K has kept her Halloween track record going strong!

Parenthood is an amazing ride. :)


dee said...

This IS the good stuff! Love it, K!

Jani said...


Keri Brown said...

I had to watch the video twice because it was so funny!!! (And does K have some rhythm, or what!?) I love the costume, and I love that once again, she's stepping out of the "girl" mold in order to provide fun and entertainment for herself and others.

Most neighborhoods and small cities in our area rescheduled trick-or-treating to last night (Nov. 1) due to predictions of high winds and torrential rains for Halloween night. Sure enough, it was a blustery mess right at the time we would have been trick-or-treating on the 31st, but God rewarded our patience by providing the most glorious weather possible last night! As I walked the neighborhood with my crew, I had a similar "These are the days" moment. Sometimes motherhood is just so AWESOME. :-)

Kristen said...

The shsrk post is one of my all time favorite posts!