Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Preview

This afternoon the Kindergartners at our school presented a program about life lessons in friendship and how to get along with others at school. It was done in a cute Dr. Phil Show format.

R embraced his inner grown man and played the part of Dr. Phil. K & P were each 'teenagers' who were guests on the show. I snapped a quick driveway photo this morning of them in costume.

As I looked at K especially, it was a creepy fast forward preview of who I might be looking at in a few years...It didn't help when she came in my bathroom all dressed this morning and asked if she could wear lip gloss or eye shadow since it was "a play about being a teenager." All three did a great job with their parts. (No one in the school gym was as nervous as this Mama with 22 lines and a solo dance number between the three of them!)

P performed a very entertaining dance solo as the class clown. He was great! Talk about type casting...But my favorite moment was when someone pointed out to me R's expression as he watched P perform. He was grinning ear to ear and giggling so that he couldn't sing the accompanying song. R was SO proud of his brother. It prompted me to look over at K and I saw the same amazing look of love and appreciation for seeing her brother in his element.

I regret sometimes how my children have to 'share' so many moments of their childhood: birthdays, class holiday parties, plays. There aren't many moments where it is just one person's thing. But today I realized that they are seemingly more OK with that than I give them credit for. They definitely each have their own interests and are encouraged to explore those things, but SO FAR, the rivalry I feared is not nearly the player I had anticipated. (Praise and thanks be to God!)

One of my greatest blessings as a Mama is watching the way my children love each other. Don't get me wrong, they absolutely know how to push each others' buttons (that would be one of my greatest frustrations as a Mama). But,really, they totally 'get' each other. The vast majority of the time, they enjoy each other. And today, they were proud of each other.

They were all on stage. They each just get one Spring Kindergarten Play--and it was another shared moment in the spotlight. Learning to share the spotlight from an early age is probably not such a bad thing. They certainly didn't seem to mind.

That makes my heart happy!


Melissa said...

I love this so much! As a new mama of twin boys (I commented from the NICU a few months back), I have already felt a bit sad at times over the fact that my babies have to "share" their mom, and I have wondered how it will be in the coming years as they are forced to share so many other things/experiences/people. I could not hope for a more precious realization than the one you just described! What a sweet, special, UNIQUE bond your three have!

Missy said...

It is the greatest joy as a mother to watch our little ones enjoy, love and support each other. I love the way they cheer each other on and run to share good news. Darling!

dee said...

I thought the very same thing when I saw K. Oh my, she is stunning!

Mary Lou said...

I just love K's pose....she really did it good. Your children are so precious and I love the way they love and support one another. They seem to have adjusted to sharing, the Lord made them to be unique and yet the same and they are just following His lead in their hearts. I have a feeling that the way you are raising them has a great deal to do with their responses. Your posts bless my heart...

Todd and Randi said...

She has definitely mastered the teenage girl stance!

I am just beginning to see some of that love between my boys and it is so sweet!!