Monday, February 21, 2011

K's List

My husband and I generally divide and conquer during our children's bedtime routine. Tonight I bathed, he dressed, I laundered and straightened while he did the devotion. I started the tuck in routine in the boys' room while he began with K.

K is especially chatty when she has a private audience, so he was still working on getting her settled when I came in her room. We did her prayers and kisses together then got up to leave. My husband & I stopped in the dark just as we were getting to her doorway and hugged.

"I still wanna marry P," she sighed, seemingly out of the blue.
We chuckled before I asked, "What made you think of that?"
"I knew you were gonna hug, 'cause that's what married people do and I jus' wanna marry P," she replied.
"Well, sweetie, you will always have P. But you can't marry your brother. It is not a choice. You have plenty of time to meet someone else. I just hope he is a good man like your Daddy."
"I jus' hope he isn't covered in mud!" she exclaimed.
(What goes through 6 year old brains?)
"I guess every girl's list starts somewhere," I remarked to my grinning husband.
"What else do you hope about him?" I pressed.
"I hope his name is Tim," she paused, twisted her face in deep thought and added, "and he is wearing a tuxedo when I first meet him! I really like tuxedos!"

I asked her if she wanted to pray for him.
"Huh? I don't even know who he is!" she cried incredulously.
"But God does. Isn't that cool?"
She giggled.
My prayer was 2-3 sentences short and to the point, yet when I finished she said, "I knew I shouldn't bring that up."

Oh my! Life with a spunky girl will keep you on your toes!


Tara said...

K's comment about the boy she wants to marry being named Tim reminded me of something my little one said when she was around 5 or so. We were driving down the road and she said (out of the blue), "I'm goint to marry someone named John." I wasn't sure what to say, but before I could say anything she finished her thought, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." I still get a big grin when I think of what goes on her head sometimes.

Cathy said...

When I prayed to God for my mate, I prayed He would send me someone like a young man I had once dated. I prayed, "Lord send me a Todd". Two years later, I dated and then married a Todd. God does have a sense of humor. "Ask and ye shall receive". Literally sometimes. However, I started praying for my childrens spouses when they were very young. I prayed for Him to prepare their hearts.

storey said...