Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dance Recital

My girl is not prissy. She loves to play with worms and roll around in the grass with her dog. She is athletic and 'wide open.' She plays so well with boys that most of them don't really consider her a girl yet (as evidenced by the recent birthday parties she has been invited to that were "boys only...except K.")

But she is versatile. My sweet girl loves a stage, being with friends, and getting to put on make up.
Dance recital day, therefore, is a very good day for K. Both sets of grandparents, her brothers and her parents all dressed up and in the audience JUST FOR HER.

I admit that I did not have the best attitude about spending 3 hours sitting in a dark auditorium in the middle of a gorgeous Spring day for 5 minutes of familial performance. (Don't worry K did not know that.) I won't even get into how hard I know it was for my boys to sit through...little boys this age aren't exactly known for their ability to sit still for long.

I realize it was about way more than a tap routine and a ballet dance. I hope the message our presence sent to my daughter is that she is valued. She has family that will show up for her. We will put aside our own agendas when it is important to her that we be there. We will smile and cheer because we love her. We are on her team.

I am sure her five year old brain didn't come to that conclusion today, but I hope somewhere in her heart layers of that message are beginning to form.

Family is an awesome thing.


Mom of Eleven said...

She was precious. . I'm exhausted!!!

R said...

could her costume be any cuter?! we have recital for our daughters in a few weeks, and i'm so excited! it's the fourth for my four year-old and the first for my two year-old.

i LOVE that K's costume is so modest!! i hold my breath every time they're about to show us the recital costumes for a performance. so many of them are scary-inappropriate!

Chelsea & Nick said...

She is beautiful!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh how precious. Making memories with your sweet K....memories I;m sure her brothers would like to forget. I remember how hard it was for my boys to sit through one of those watching their sister for years and years. Oh well, she went to lots of ballgames so I guess it evens out.

Your K is beautiful and she looks just like YOU!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that you made the effort to stay for the whole show! I too am a dancer and it used to break my heart that my dad would only come to my recital for my numbers. He would sneak in and out! Didn't he realize that my friend's dances were important to me too?? As years went by, he missed the children that I helped teach! Not sure why it affected me so much, but know you did a GOOD thing!!

Mickie McGee said...

She is just an adorable little girlie-girl who is an ace at multi-tasking! I can hardly wait to start attending ballets and plays with my year-old granddaughter, Kate! After having two sons, I'm too excited for words!