Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trading Spaces

Tonight over dinner P remarked that he wished his room was green like K's. K, who is always anxious for spend the night company in the extra twin bed in her room, invited P to spend the night in her green room. P, being the lover of adventure and experiments that he is, was thrilled.

I lost track of the conversation, but somehow within a few moments it was decided that R was staying in his own bed and K was going to actually sleep in P's , while he stayed alone in her room. They excitedly moved their lovies around--K even went so far as to move her soccer trophy and picture frame from beside her bed to P's. (I love watching them interact with the 'things' they treasure. It is so amusing.)

K & P were giddy with excitement as I tucked them in. P 'loved the pink sheets' and K mentioned that she couldn't wait 'to thwow lovies back and forth across the room with R' since she has 'always wanted to play that game wiff da boys.'

Bless her heart. Being the only princess has its advantages, but I know she misses the camaraderie that the boys share at bedtime.

I am not sure if they will make it through the night, but all is I am heading to bed.

Let's just hope P doesn't decide he wants pink sheets permanently.


Amy-neighbor said...

Oh, the activity and conversations yours have amongst themselves! I must say the painting the cat that P did is the funniest thing, and the self-control prayer??!!! I was LOL!!! I don't know you parent in that house with a straight face - I would be in giggles all the time!
BTW - loved reading about the ladies and their babies (Tristan) - I sent her a comment.

Colored With Memories said...

Let's hope!

This made me laugh b/c we only have girls, but our nephew from GA was in town this weekend...boys are so different...I loved seeing how he played with the toys...tried to make everything roll, but the best part was that he kept saying...I'm a boy, I'm a boy!

The Hiatt Family said...

I hope it goes well! My two do NOT share a room very well. We recently stayed in a hotel and Springer was up until after 10:00! Sweet dreams to all tonight...

Carol said...

That is such a sweet thing. She may decide she wants to move in with the boys for a while. I have 2children - a boy and a girl who are 3 years apart. Before my son went to college last year, sometimes they would sleep in the guest room together (with twin beds) just so they could stay up talking as late as they wanted to. I loved seeing them be friends as well as brother and sister.
~Carol (I Throw Like a Girl)

Aubrey said...

LOL. We call it Musical Beds at our house. Thomas and Sarah Grace (not quite a year apart in age) get bees in their bonnets to camp out in the other one's room. Sarah Grace even thanks God during prayers for 'pwaying Musical Beds. It's so fun.' Can't blame K for wanting to do the lovie toss game, though. Let us know how it worked out!

Valerie said...

Don't ya just love this age. I only have one 3 1/2 year old and she love to go in her 21 month old brothers room and have sleep overs:) I pray that she is always so sweet to her baby brother!
God Bless!

blessedwith5 said...


Kelly @ Love Well said...

You do such a great job of capturing those little moments. I love that about you.

And if I love it, how much more will K, P and R love it when they get old enough to read these entries.