Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today was our sitter's last day with us. Because we have no family in the town where we live and my husband's work hours are long and unpredictable, I must rely on others for childcare help. As you can imagine, I am very selective about who has access to our children. God literally dropped Storey in my lap through the referral of a neighbor. When she showed up on my doorstep we recognized each other immediately as I had met her a couple of weeks prior in the parking lot at Barnes & Noble thanks to our matching Young Life car decals.

Storey has faithfully served as my afternoon helper a few days a week for the past year. It seemed most appropriate to take a group picture in this chair where she has spent hours reading to the children. As an Art major she was able to introduce my children to many creative crafts...and her love of cooking meant much better snacks when Storey was around than when Mom was in the kitchen.

Storey is scheduled to depart 7/15 for a position as a missionary to high school students on a military base in Italy. She needs a God-sized miracle to complete the necessary fundraising for her three year stint.

We stand with her in believing that we serve a sovereign God who knows exactly where she will be 7/16. Today we celebrated our thankfulness for her--and the way she has loved on my children for the past year. Thank you, Storey!

This also marks a huge milestone for our family, as the children's longer school day this Fall means I will not be replacing Storey. The next several weeks will be filled with day camps and pool time...and lots more work on my patience. :-)


Jessica said...

I found your blog yesterday and enjoyed your stories! We lived overseas for over 7 years and had a Young Life couple on staff at our chapel in Germany. We became close friends during our time there and I'm sure Storey will love it!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I feel your pain! We also have a precious babysitter. Nicole has been part of our family (almost) for the last four years. When she got married last summer, both of my kids were in the wedding, and even though we've moved more than 90 minutes away last fall, she joyfully makes the drive when she can because she loves us so much.

But she just graduated from college, and she and her husband are considering a year on the mission field next year, before she starts graduate school. We will miss her immeasurably.

Momma-of-5 said...

All the nannies/babysitters in America must've gotten together and deamed this week "The End" week. Seriously. I think it's on their child care calendar! Our nanny's last day was today. But, unlike you, I'm not ready to brave life solo. Enjoy your weekend. I'm jealous...(in a good way).