Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brand Recognition

One morning last week as we were unloading the car at VBS, one of the children started shouting, 'Look! Look! It's a whipped cream truck!"
I glanced up to see this.
I had never even considered the similarity in these two logos before. I was an advertising and public relations major in college , so I spent many hours studying the finer points of brand recognition. I am not sure this one worked so well.
I giggled about their confusion all afternoon. What could be more exciting to a car full of 4 year olds than the visions of a semi packed full of Cool Whip?

We saw another Bud Light truck this afternoon and the response was the same. "Look! It's another whipped cream truck!"

Can I PLEASE keep them this innocent forever?


Pam said...

I think I like their idea. I'll not see those trucks around town anymore without thinking of one of my favorite treats . . . Cool Whip. I kind of make excuses to use it on anything . . . or all by itself.

About Meg... said...

okay, this is hilarious! btw, how can i help get storey to italy? my hubby's in ministry, and i grew up on a military base in italy ;-)

GinnyBerry said...

Thanks for posting this little story. It made me smile this evening, and I needed something to smile about!

Yes, I imagine they thought that the truck was full of cool whip!


Joni said...

Your precious children are hilarious!

Colored With Memories said...

It's not too far off from the Reddi Wip label either...the favorite around here!

I've been guilty of squirting a little in Lily's mouth after decorating her waffles!

Of course I would never squirt it in my own mouth...never ever.

Alice said...

How awesome would it be if there really was a Cool Whip truck?!

Christa said...

We had a similar situation a few weeks ago. My Connor (2) thought a poster for cigarettees was a huge photo of pencils! Check it out:

How fun!

-christa @ No End in Site

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Oh if only we could keep them innocent. Thanks for sharing the funny moments in ur life!

blessedwith5 said...

love it