Saturday, November 03, 2007


The only thing with more energy than a trio of 3 1/2 year olds, is when one of them is hyped up on Albuterol. R has had a nasty cough this week, so he is doing breathing treatments twice a day. All I can say about the resulting energy level is WOW!

It also appears hyperactivity is contagious at this age.

Yesterday I put him in our empty room and let him run laps. He seriously ran for 15 minutes, whooping and hollering the entire time. He also provided color commentary of the 'football' game he was winning by running bases, batting and tackling. It was some game! He is keeping us all quite entertained with his silly antics.

The good news is that the cough is immensely better...but my nerves, not so much!

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Jeff said...

Try Xopenex instead of Albuterol. It is much more expensive, works like a charm, without making them crazy. My son has asthma and Xopenex has kept us all sane!