Saturday, November 03, 2007

K's Destiny: Mom to Many

K is in the midst of a big time baby doll phase. Interestingly, she is not satisfied to attend to merely one baby. She insists on having THREE babies with her at all times. She takes them to bed, she brings them in the car, she carries them around the house. As I type this, she is wallowing on the great room floor with all three of them as she watches a video. Their names are Jackson, Jill & Jenny. Apparently, they are not triplets, but twins and a singleton, because she informed me she "was holdin' Jenny when Jackson & Jill were gwowin' in my tummy."

Three babies, a blanket, a bottle and a bag are quite an armful, but she is undaunted. The sight of her this morning reminded me of a photo from 2 years ago. Clearly, the concept of one baby at a time is lost on her. Way to embrace your heritage, baby girl!


wendymom said...

Wonder why she picked 3?

The Hunt's said...

How cute! I never would have thought about that but to her 3 babies is completely the "norm" right. My 6 year old had a preschool teacher that had triplets and she would tell me when she was 4 that when she grows up she is going to have triplets like Mrs. Harrison ~ as if you get to chose how many babies you have. Then when we found out we were expecting my Chloe wanted us to have twins...what a surprise when we did. Now I know she's convinced you can pick how many babies you have. So cute!

mom huebert said...

I really enjoyed these pictures, and the story that went with them. Thanks.