Thursday, July 19, 2007

Letting Go

The last few weeks have found me "letting go" a little more. Something about seeing my children in real undies rather than diapers has reminded me that they are, in fact, "real" kids now. Without fully realizing it, we have entered the realm of childhood that marks when my own memories begin. It is so much fun (and a little intimidating) to think that they may really remember some of these days.

While I want them to have loads of dear memories of their childhood, I know from my own life experience that you generally cannot "create" the most precious memories. You have to stand back and let them unfold.

For posterity, here are a few of the silly things we have started to do:

This is our gym. It was not designed to be a gym. It is intended to be a formal living room. But, really, a gym is much more appropriate in a house full of 3 year olds than a formal anything. When we moved a few months ago, we chose to leave this room empty. We don't have formal living room furniture and really aren't in that phase of life.

The greatest thing is that the children named it. One day last week after being at Day Camp we had some friends over the play. As they came inside, R said, "Come mere and pway in our gym. We have balls and ev-wee-thing." I have a distinct feeling no matter what type of furnishings wind up in that room one day, it will always be referred to as The Gym.

Loud, crashing musical instruments continue to be a favorite.

Yesterday, as a reward for 48 hours with NO accidents I introduced the kiddos to Coke floats. Even though they each only had about 2 oz. this was a HUGE treat since they had never had a Coca-Cola before. Interestingly, the boys did not take a nap after that...something about sugar and caffeine apparently got them a bit riled up.

Later, after a heavy thunderstorm, we decided to go play in a couple of large puddles (mini-lakes, really) that appeared on the golf course. It was really hard to tell who enjoyed it more--the kids or our lab, Haley!There is certainly a lot of laundry around here from these sweaty, energetic children...but the giggles, grins and memories make it all worthwhile!


Aunt Boo said...

How fun! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Renee said...

Yes, that does look like fun! Makes me wish we had a empty room like that with hardwood floors especially for these rainy and HOT days! And the water puddles? Great fun!

We're entering a new phase over here with letting go, and it's starting to get a little tough. With #1 getting ready to go to K5 and #2 possibly entering school. It's all sinking in that their baby/toddler years are done. Bittersweet indeed.

Linda said...

They do grow soooo Fast. Enjoy them. The rain puddle fun looks like they had a blast.

Jeremy & Heather said...

Looks so fun! We need a 'gym'. Especially since the little one can't walk yet and HATES sitting on the grass or in the stroller so it makes going outside ... well heavy ... holding him all the time. A huge room like that would be perfect.

BTW .. how do you make it where people can't click on your pictures and enlarge them. I'd love to learn to do that for my site.

dee said...

jmom-Here I am! I made it with the help of my fifteen year old son. The popsicle pics are such sweet summer sights. Your comment about Coke reminded me of my three. We also did not allow Coke or tea when they were small and none of them to this day drink sweet southern tea. They just never developed a taste for it. Glad potty training is going well!

JMom said...

You know, I am not sure about the protection of the photos. Someone else asked that about highlighting and copying the text....apparently they tried and couldn't do it. I am not doing anything special to protect it. Sorry I am not much help! Maybe someone who understands html more than I do can explain???

Peach said...

So cute! My kids had a ball after that storm, too, but our turtle, Trixie decided to head off on her own today. She will be missed . . . for a moment or two.

Love the splash boots and the "gym".

hi my name is mommy said...

Cuties! I love the one of the three of them in the puddle. Those are great memories for them.

Erickson 5 said...

This looks awesome! We need a gym in our house!!! Your yard looks awesome too.
Thanks for sharing.