Friday, November 02, 2007

P Doodle

Several weeks ago the teachers in my kiddos' preschool classroom asked me to start putting P in a pull-up for school. Seems they were tired of cleaning up his messy underwear everyday. As expensive as pull-ups are, replacing the undies that often were simply chunked into the trashcan was more I obliged. It was a very frustrating time for me. I felt like all the work we had put into potty training was falling apart. I received lots of advice to just "let it go" and that he would come around when he was ready.

For the last 7-8 weeks I have not pushed the issue. Every now and then when changing his messy pull-up I would ask, "So, P, when do you think you are going to start pottying on the potty?" The answer was generally, "When I get a little bigger."

Last Wednesday I asked that question and P responded, "On Tuesday."
"Yep. What is today?"

For the next several days, the same conversation would occur as I changed his messy pull-up. Monday night, as I was putting him to bed, I reminded him that when he woke up it would be Tuesday. I was uncertain of the seriousness of his self-imposed deadline, but figured I'd go with it. Guess what? My little guy has been in undies since Tuesday with no accidents!

All of you with older children now have permission to remind me that you told me he'd do it when he was ready. You have earned the right. But, seriously, to just decide it was going to be Tuesday sounds like something I would say about when I am going to stop eating Little Debbie Zebra Cakes every afternoon...except my boy has stuck to his pledge. :-)

Whatever the reason, I am not arguing. I cannot believe we may actually, really be finished with diapers around here. Woo Hoo!


Aunt Boo said...

That is so funny! He is such a great kid!

Aunt Boo

Ivey's Story said...

I can't imagine a life without diapers. I have changed diapers EVERYDAY for over four years now, and there light at the end seems to be nowhere in sight! If you miss them, you can come over ANYTIME. Keep in mind- as soon as you say-kids will make a liar out of you.

Hey-I sent you an email. Try to forward it to anyone you have that I do not have. Try to email in a response too - and encourage everyone else to send an email. We need all the voices we can get. I don't think our community supports the actions taken.

Sandi said...

What a wonderful blessing. Yet another gentle teaching by our children for us to learn more patience. :) Good for you for giving him that space and time. Great job for him for making the commitment and sticking to it. What a sweet little guy.

Renee said...

Yeah for you and him! That is such a cute story. I wonder why Tuesday...

And I'm sorry, Gwen, but we have you beat. We've been in the diaper business for almost 6 years now. Actually, this summer, we were changing them for 4 boys until #3 decided he was done with them. So, Jmom, whenever you are having those withdrawels, there are plenty of us to help fill your void. :)

Jacob and Andi said...

That is a hoot!

The Hunt's said...

What a cute funny "Tuesday"



Michelle said...

Yay for P. My son, Walker, went all day today without a peepee accident. This was a first. We even went to a Christmas shopping thingy and to the park and fire station afterwards. He did however poop. We haven't had luck with that yet. You and P give me hope. His teachers, however, haven't asked for the pull up yet.

Courtney said...

that's hilarious!!! way to go P! way to go you!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

I love his matter-of-fact, decisive attitude. :-) Flat out wonderful!

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Yay for P! By the way, those Zebra cakes are rockin' good when you put them in the freezer! :)