Monday, July 17, 2006

Tutus and Tears

I was so productive this morning while the kids were at Camp that I managed to even tackle some "fun" things on my To Do list. One of those things was to go and buy a ballerina costume for K. A close friend of ours is having a Ballet Birthday party for her twin girls next week, so I thought it would be fun for K to look the part. Not to mention, every little girl needs a pink tutu, right?

I am not really a "girlie girl" but this shopping excursion got my heart racing...literally. I was laughing at myself as I walked into the shop with a silly grin on my face about buying a pink tutu, sized extra small!

Then, as I was checking out and chatting with the clerk and her co-worker they offered the sage advice of experienced Moms. "Soak it up. Time flies. I just found my daughter's first ballet shoes yesterday & couldn't believe her feet were ever that small."

I started to feel the lump rise in my throat and the tears burning in my eyes as she asked, "Do you have other girls?"
"Nope. She's the only one..." and I started CRYING...right in the middle of the store! Seriously. Thank goodness I had already completed my transaction, because I had this sudden need to get out of there.

I called my sweet husband & tried to explain why on Earth buying a pink tutu had reduced me to tears. What has motherhood done to this once emotionally stable woman?

I could not wait to pick them up from camp and deliver this treat to K. She responded to her fluffy pink surprise with the glee I anticipated. R wanted to know if he could have a Tutu, too. I explained that it was a pink tutu for GIRLS, to which he replied, "Blue tutu, boys?" Not if your Daddy has any say in it, R!


Wendy said...

Sometimes things will hit me like that too. I don't know why it happens and sometimes and not at other times. We have lots of tutus at our house too. In fact, that is all my middle child wants to wear these days. My son likes capes and swords.

Renee said...

That is so sweet, and I'm sure there will be many, many more episodes that are unexplainable to your husband. It's good to cry. :) Just another reminder to cherish our little ones.

Paulette said...

Jen, how sweet. It is the love that makes you so emotional. There is nothing like it. She is still a mere baby, You have her whole life ahead of you yet. I do believe the love we have for our children and the excitement in new adventures can bring us to tears. Plus they have been away from you alot the past few weeks.
She looks so adorable in the tutu.

Tammy said...

Yes, I know...sometimes it will hit me, too, out of the blue. Something about being a mom. My husband doesn't quite understand...he loves them like crazy but he's a ...well, man. ;)

My two girls love being ballerinas and my youngest this past year took her first little class and loved it! (She was just 3 at the time.)

And your little ballerina looks so beautiful in her outfit!

miss katie said...

Those are great pictures of Kate. She looks like a ballerina in the making.

Perri said...

I always get all mushy at their birthdays - just the thought of another year gone. I love the new blog look. Great pictures.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I'm DYING for the day I can buy a pink tutu! Do you think one comes in preemie size? ;) And as for the crying in front of complete strangers, I do it all the time--it's a mama thing, I guess! And my husband doesn't quite get it. But then again, he doesn't want a tutu, either!

The pictures are adorable:)

Diana said...

My oldest is 17 and I still tear up when I see her on stage in her tutu. Of course, my 7 year old thinks tutus are everyday wear. Keep on enjoying these moments and don't worry about the tears.

Paulette said...

Jen, I LOVE the header!! How precious!!! I have always loved your site, I only nominated you because I thought you were an awesome busy mom and deserved it. Laura told me you already had someone doing this for you. It is awesome. Sweet pictures oh yes they are.

keri said...

very nice new look!!! love it love it love it (3 times for 3 cutie pies)!!
and the tutu is precious. there will be many years ahead with those tutu's. lots to look forward to.

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

I love the pictures - she is adorable in her tutu on her rocking horse. I would have been crying in the store, too. I was weepy just reading your post - and I wasn't even there!

I do wonder ... do you make your clothes?! Your kidlets are absolutely precious and I can never find such beautifu things in "threes" for girls/boys.

JenMom said...

Thanks for all the understanding. It is nice to know I am not crazy!

Jen- I am still giggling at what the childrens' clothes would look like if I made them. I am very, very un-crafty. I envy people like Perri who can make just about anything with their hands.

You know Southern women sometimes get a little too into dressing up the kiddos! I have found it very hard to find matching stuff at traditional retail stores, so order lots of the dressier childrens clothes from,, The play clothes from are great...or I just coordinate things from from old navy, gap, target, lands end or gymboree.
I wish there was more age difference, I'd pass things along to you...but I have a feeling your 21 month olds are bigger than my 22 lb peanuts!
Hope this helps!

Chappyswife said...

At the risk of sounding completely unoriginal - your children are GORGEOUS! Congratulations! I so understand about wanting to cherish every minute. How many times a day I say/think I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life.