Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Funny Boy!

P is one funny kid! I have at least a story a day of his antics that completely crack me up. He is very smart, has an insatiable curiousity and wants to experience everything tactilely.

Example #1: Friday, it was rainy outside, so I decided to take the kids to an indoor playground. As I was loading the car in the driveway, I lost sight of P's head. I jumped out of the car calling his name and ran to where I saw him find him completely flat on his belly on the rainsoaked driveway lapping rainwater up out of a puddle with his tongue. When I shouted, "P!" He looked up at me with a grin and said "Aaaahhh. Thirsty!" Nevermind the fresh, cold sippy cup he had dropped on the ground to get to the puddle!

Example #2: Before he will ingest any food, he must first examine it thoroughly which involves completely destroying it with his hands. Needless to say, he is always COMPLETEY a mess. When I wash clothes, I can look at 2 identical boy shirts and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind which shirt P wore vs. which one R wore. Last week at Day Camp, P was in his "change of clothes" 3 out of 5 days.

Example #3: Yesterday, at my Mom & Dad's house, P decided to check out their cat...I'll spare you the details, but let's just say he might be training to be a proctologist.

He goes about all of this "exploring" very quietly. He is an independent, sweet, funny guy. It is hard to be angry because he generally is not trying to be disobedient...he is just very, very curious about the world.

And did I mention he has ACED the "What? I didn't MEAN to make this mess, Mommy" look in a way that melts me?


Paulette said...

Hey Jen, Iam here for my fix ya know...Isn't it amazing how different they are. I love that. You can just tell in those little eyes he will one day conquer the world????
He looks like he will be just like his dad. Ryguy and kate look like there mama. You are so lucky. I feel blessed to get a glimpse every day.

Perri said...

How funny. I was looking at pictures last night and there was one of Jacob - flat out on the floor drinking out of the dog's bowl.

Gotta love boys but Parker me glad we don't have a cat!

Renee said...

He reminds me so much of our 3rd son whom I have always called the quiet, mischievous one.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I love checking our your pictures! Your babies are SO photogenic, and the proctologist comment cracked me up. I can completely see Caiden doing that when he was that age:)

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I mean "out," not "our your." :)

adwina-insparenting said...

You have a very good place to share anything about your cute kids... And I love your pics.. They're awesome!
Hope you don't mind that I link it in my blog post: Lots of Scotts - 3 Wonderful Children in the House.

Thanks! And kissie to your angels..

keri said...

love the rain puddle example! what a character you have on your hands! he is super cute, jen! thanks for the laughs.

Tammy said...

What a fun little boy you have! That puddle story made me smile...and the cat story laugh out loud! I also love the picture of him hanging in midair at the playground!
I've only had girls...they can pack some energy and curiousity, too...but I have a feeling that extra testotrone boost just gives some extra exciting "toddler moments". :)


dont get any ideas, mommies!!! parker is taken. we are anxiously awaiting the day our little girl becomes allie scott!!

adwina-insparenting said...

Hi, Jen, it's my pleasure to know your blog. It's really exciting to read all you have there, especially your cute pictures. Love them all! Thanks a lot too for commenting on my blog. I can't wait to see more pics. Have a nice day!


kim said...

Yup, I'm new around here but I so have my very own Parker, umm, that would be Emory.

Love your pics. Come on over to my place for a glimps at our Emory. The one pic I have up is such a classic shot of him.

Oh, and the puddle, oh yes, but mine thought it would be good to lick up his spilled milk off a restaurant table, ugh. He seems to always have his tongue investigating something, oh dear.

loved your post about the potty thing. Emory is 3 1/2 and finds no reason to partake in this time honored ritual. His comment " I did that twice Mommy, I don't like to sit there" uh huh. Yet he will gleefully spell his name, astound us with new and intersting information each day and spend a full hour setting up a collection of toys to get them just right in order to play with. It's all in the details and experiencing it with our Emory. Can you hear the huge sigh.

Enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast and the unreserved exuberance is curbed by life all to soon.