Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tank You

One of the great lessons I am learning right now is the beauty of gratitude and the teacher has been my sweet R. He is remarkably consistent with his "Tank you, Mommy" when I hand him something. Lately, his gratefulness has even extended to his brother and sister. As they are playing and someone shares something with him I'll hear, "Tank you, P" or "Tank you, K."

I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to hear him express his gratitude purely because he chose to say it...not because I told him to.

I am reminded of how much more pleasant life is when we pause to appreciate one another...and how much more it motivates the doer when the recipient is grateful.

So, Tank YOU, R!

P.S. K has started saying "Tank you, R" lately. She does not quite grasp the concept. She says it when she wants him to give her something. The first time it is sweet & sing-songy...but if he doesn't respond quickly she screams "TANK you, R!!!" while stamping her feet.


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Oh, dear--sometimes I stomp my feet, too--is this a girl thing I should pepare myself for?? ;)

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I mean, "prepare"! I'm typing with one hand while nursing the baby :)

Tammy said... sweet! My four year old is especially good at being thankful when she is given something too.

Too funny about Kate though...that imigary made me smile!

Paulette said...

How adorable. I can't help but think how they are surely going to be the best of friends with each other, all through there lives. Can you imagine having 3 16 year olds at the same time and how busy your house will be???? I love it!!

Perri said...

The boys may outnumber her, but I'm betting on Kate to be the ringleader.

kim said...

A heart of gratitude, does it get much better than that? And Kate being thankful for the very opportunity to be thankful once she gets what she wants (grin) is so sweet, they've gotta start someplace yes?

I actually took the time to catch myself up on your archived blogs. Boy am I glad I did! Such Joy radiates from your family.

And I must add, I love the matching wardrobe! My first three children (all boys)were actually all 5 years apart and I dressed them alike (yes, took some creativity) as often as I could. The oldest eventual rebeled against such but I love to look back over those photos! Some of those Gap sweaters, personalized t-shirts and smocked outfits are now gracing their younger sibs! Gotta love that.

Thanks for sharing.