Wednesday, June 21, 2006


During morning rest time today (over & over again)
R: "Weddy. Weddy. Weddy. Go. (thump) Yay, Twacktor Milk! "

**Translation: Ready, Ready, Ready, Go is the cue the swim instructor uses before he throws the kiddos into the water. The thump was the sound of the sippy cup of milk being hurled across the crib. Tractor Milk= the name R gives to his green sippy cup with tractors on it.

This weekend as I was sweeping the mess off our kitchen floor after a meal. K was the only one still sitting at the table.
K: Messy, Mommy. Mess!
Me: Yes, it is messy. Who made this mess?
K: (without missing a beat) Da boy-ees.
Just then R walked in.
R: Mess, Mommy!
Me: Yes, I am cleaning it up. Do you know who made this mess?
R: K!

Immediately as I utter the words "Time Out" to P...
P: Big Boy, Mommy. Sorry. Big boy!


Perri said...

Hilarious. I especially love the tractor milk. Those lessons are really soaking in.

Patricia said...

funny how everyone recognizes what a mess is and no one knows how it got there ;)