Sunday, June 18, 2006


He is my best friend, a gifted surgeon, a loving son and an incredible father.
He is intelligent, handsome, compassionate, godly, hardworking, kind, generous, responsible, honest, articulate, wise and funny.
He is an amazing helper, listener, leader, researcher, encourager, teacher, playmate, businessman and doctor. He is truly the most unselfish person I have ever met.
He works 80 hour weeks, then comes home to help with the children. He bathes them, feeds them, rolls around on the floor playing with them, prays with them and makes sure they know how much he loves their mother.
I am blessed beyond measure to call him my husband.
My children have the amazing priviledge of calling him Daddy.
Happy Father' s Day, honey!


Paulette said...

I stumbled on your site, and must say it is the most beautiful site I have been to. I absolutely love your writings, and just how much LOVE there is in your BEAUTIFUL family! You are an awesome Godly mother and your children are soooo precious. I wish I could be there nanny!! Thank-you for sharing your gifts. Be Blessed.

Perri said...

For you to spend so much time raising the kids alone, it is wonderful to see how much love and respect you have for Ryland.

It's clear how much you appreciate him.

Blessed kids to have such parents.

Anonymous said...

I don't even remember how I found this - maybe from Sarah's site? Anyway, I saw your comment about having 3 two-year olds, and had to check this out! You have a beautiful family and sweet words about them.

Patricia said...

a beautiful and loving tribute. may god continue to bless your amazing family.