Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A D+ Day

I had a hard day with my children. I am embarrassed to even type that considering I only had them for 6 of the 13 hours they were awake--but I was not on top of my game during those hours. The bickering, the battling for my attention, the inability to hear my voice and/or heed my requests was particularly frustrating today.

It is especially annoying considering Tuesday is my big day in the Word. I spent an hour working through a chapter of The Power of A Praying Wife with my accountability partner, followed by two hours of small group beginning Beth Moore's Breaking Free. My house was clean, my errands were run, I was early and relaxed in car line. I did all the right 'Christian Mommy things.' My afternoon should have been picture perfect, right? Wrong.

Real life isn't tit for tat that way. We don't earn freebies from God for checking off a magic to do list. If this afternoon was a test of my ability to put together all the rich things I had learned this morning, I think I may have pulled off a D+ at best.

I am thankful for a husband and children that love me even on my bad days.

Tonight during a particularly energetic bed time, I heard my R singing in the shower, "I've got sunshine on a cwoudy day, when its cold outside, I've got da monfth of May. I guess you say what can make me feel dis way, My Mom...hee hee hee..MY MOM..."

I felt forgiven. I thanked God for His Grace. I am going to bed early in hopes of a better tomorrow.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

R is SO precious!

Arlene G said...

Jmom, I am not surprised that you had a bad day with the children on a day that you spent in Bible Study. The devil is a roaring lion...he gets loose in all our homes at times!

As You Wish said...

Thanks for sharing the bad days and the good days with us. Don't beat yourself up too much. We all have them, too many of them if you ask me. Thank you God that your mercies are new every morning and that our children are so quick to forgive. What a great example to us.

Diane Tohline said...

JMom - I admire you so much...what you do - times 3 - is awesome. I know dealing with 3 children the same age is all you know, but believe me - as a former elementary teacher - i respect and admire what an amazing job you are doing. Your passion is precious. Keep pressing toward the mark - and know YOU ARE INCREDIBLE IN HIM - I have read "back to the beginning of your journey" - Wow - such a testimony.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I really appreciate it.

Hallie said...

Yes! Kids are gracious when we neither expect nor deserve it and can also hold a mirror up to our attitudes and actions. What great little reminders we have...God is good.

Shannon said...

Oh dear. I can so relate to this post. Thank goodness for R's song at the end bc I had tears in my eyes!
-Shannon in Austin