Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windy Gap 2009

This year, I got the best Mother's day present I could hope for...a weekend away investing in my sweet family. (What a bonus to have my good friend, Suzanne, and her crew there as well!)

The setting, just outside of Asheville, was picturesque. But for an hour long thunderstorm, conveniently timed for much-needed naps, even the weather cooperated.
There were countless activities to enjoy. We participated in frisbee throwing, basketball, foursquare, competitive family games and 'pony rides' (P rode the largest horse I have ever seen, by the way).

There was swimming, a huge water slide and zip line into the lake (which we did not do), even beach volleyball. R, predictably, enjoyed the competitive sports while K & P (heads in foreground) spent hours playing in the sand.

Best of all, was quality playtime with Daddy with no pager, and no Internet or telephone access.
The smiles on everyone's faces were all the proof I needed that the weekend was a hit. We danced. We sang. We caught worms and bugs. We got really dirty. We played air hockey and ping pong. We laughed (a lot).

While the adults got to hear from an insightful guest speaker (singer/songwriter, Allen Levi) at various times throughout the weekend, our children were entertained by awesome college students.
This is its own special ministry, by the way, allowing preschoolers to incorporate you into their sidewalk chalk mural!
And as our children sat in the club room and sang silly songs followed by lyrics reminding them of God's incredible love, I could not help but shake my head and smile at the crazy way God weaves our lives. Nineteen years ago, I was a hyperactive, over-permed teenaged girl who didn't have a clue what God had in store for my life. I sat on those very same stairs and sang many of those very same songs.

What a kick to think of how then-me would have reacted to a glimpse forward to now-me! Can you imagine?? (Triplets! Like, O.M.G!!!)

How thankful I am for those who invested in ministering to me back then. How committed it makes me to paying it forward to the lives of those sitting in those spots as teenagers today. Have you thanked anyone in youth ministry lately? (I know many who read this blog are in some way involved. How thankful I am for you!)

But for the insanely dirty laundry I must deal with, tonight I am thankful and contemplative. I am content. I am blessed.

I can't wait to share more about the message of the weekend. It was incredible, but this tired brain cannot do it justice tonight.


MamaBear said...

It sounds like an incredible weekend! My family could use some time away like that.

I can't believe how SMALL he looks on that horse!

Happy Mother's Day! You've been a blessing and encouragement in my life since the day I "stumbled" across your blog.

Putting Down Roots said...

Thank you for sharing your family. And your love for this amazing ministry.

I've sat on those sets many times as well. And it was at this camp my senior year of high school that God grabbed my heart. I'm so excited your children get to experience that so young and with such wonderful parents showing them Christ at home.

Happy Mother's day!

The Adairsville Triangle said...

Where is this exactly? I am looking for a place to go that isnt as commercial as Gatlinburg but has comforts as well..I am not a camping in the wilderness kind of girl but am feeling a need to just go. Husband is working 55-60 hours a week and we need to go take some deep breaths of goo, clean air..

Jennifer said...

This is a family camp through a ministry called Young Life. Their camps areprimarily used for high school student camps, but a few times a year they open the properties up to family weekends.(We have been to weekends at SharpTop Cove in Jasper, GA and Windy Gap in Weaverville, NA) Last Summer we went to a property in Colorado (Trailwest) where they do weeklong camps for families in the Summer. I highly recommend it!

Check out for more info!

Bethany said...

What a perfect Mother's Day weekend trip for your whole family! I'm glad you were all able to have an enjoyable time-- Happy Mother's Day a bit late!

Sherri said...

That looks like an amazing place...and even so much more amazing for you that you have memories of going there as a youth!!
I love it when we can get away from "life". We grow so much closer as a family when we get away from everyone else...all of our daily responsibilities.
I'm glad you had such an amazing time!