Monday, March 09, 2009

Tender Shoots

When did these babies

turn into these kids?
Yesterday afternoon my husband and I sat on our front porch (for the first time in the two years since we purchased our home) and watched our rapidly-approaching-5-year-olds play.

We are generally out there in the mix of whatever they are playing or taking advantage of their playtime to get projects completed around the house. To sit back and watch them was an eye opening perspective. There is scarcely a glimpse of our needy toddlers. They have been replaced by rough and tumble, giggling, playful, happy kids. One quarter of the time we get with them at home is now under our belt. It seems impossible to believe. I just want to MAKE THE AGING STOP.

Right now.

This age is awesome! They are independent enough, but still need a Mommy to kiss boo boos. They are figuring out how the world works, but through a worldview that is still beautifully pure and innocent. They haven't yet been heartbroken--or broken anyone else's heart. They love each other deeply and haven't learned how to use words to hurt one another yet. Mommy & Daddy are still the ultimate source of any information they need.

Life is beautiful. But we cannot stay here forever. Lord, give me eyes to see the beauty, joy and purpose in whatever is to come!


Paulette said...

Wow they truly are growing up up up! I didn't come by for a while and I thought the same thing!
Thats why I always tell young mothers enjoy every moment because it goes so quickly and they don't like to hear that.
Aren't they so much fun at this age. I love how God prepares us at every age.

Tonya Ingram said...

Precious... just precious. Paulette is right that we need to enjoy every moment because it goes quickly... I too have sat and just watched my 4 & 5 year old boys just enjoy life. The simplicity of life. My youngest attends Head Start, which is a free preschool program funded by the government, and he is able to go there because I'm a single mom who met the income qualifications, but I live in a fairly nice neighborhood, whereas most of the kids that go there are from poor neighborhoods where all they see is crime, violence, hatred, anger, etc., and almost every morning my heart aches for those mothers that treat their children as burdens, talking to them in a degrading manner, not caring what they look like... God please, let me be an example... let me be a light in their dark world.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Yup, blink and you'll be posting about your GRANDCHILDREN (like I am). My daughter celebrated her 31st b'day this past January and I'm still in shock that my little chubby firstborn has not only grown up but married and given birth to two precious boys herself. And her "little brothers" are now both married with children as well. But on the flip side of that coin, I gained MORE children when they married as well as those five grands (two of which are your kids ages - will be five in Sept and Oct). Sigh...grandchildren. God's compensation for ours growing up. :)

Traci said...

It is a beautiful, painful thing. I'm 2/3 of the way there with one child and almost half way there with the other. It's a terrifying exciting time. Watching them grow and interact all the while knowing they'll never escape it without getting wounded and wounding others and just dreading that heartache and knowing that it's necessary.

Your pictures are beautiful- sometime would you blog about how you learned to photograph so well?

Ashley said...

Oh what a joy it has been to follow you and your sweet family! They really are growing up fast. Even though I don't have children yet my brother and I were like twins only 16 months apart and through it all we are best friends. I pray yours will be too! My little brother gets married in 4 weeks and I have gone through memory lane of pictures and whatnots. I have to say even though I get tears in my eyes thinking he is about to be a husband and probably a dad in a few years life has been a gift to us and full of blessings. I pray and wish that for the trio, a sibling bond that is forever and memories shared a lifetime. Enjoy! They are precious!

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Break my heart, J. Break my ever-loving heart with those pictures and those words.

Mary said...

I wish I knew how to stop them from growing up. My one and only will be 13 tomorrow. A teenager! My husband and I became completely depressed over soft drinks at the mall on Saturday while we were picking up some gifts. We talked about how we only have 5 more years before he is out the door to college. It's unbelievable how quickly it passes.

k and c's mom said...

I love that everyday life can be so breathtaking. What is that quote about writing? Writing allows you to enjoy everything a second time. Wonderful post. Feels like spring!

Unknown said...

The are soooooooo cute! I know what it's like not to want someone or even your self grow up but like they say life happens! I hope ya'll enjoy every moment of it! ~Breanna

Tari said...

I feel that way at every age with my boys - "no, make it stop! keep them just like this!" - but I'm so glad God doesn't listen to me! My boys become more and more of a joy every day, month, year; it goes so quickly, but it gets more fun as it goes. I guess it's just one of the trade-offs of parenting.

elizabeth said...

I know exactly what you mean. I can't believe that next year I will have one in the 4th grade! Where does the time go?

K's pictures are always of her smiling or laughing...I just love it. Her personality really shows on film. You can just see she has a contagious laugh! That picture of her and her brother make me want to be her sister! So fun!

Shannon said...

Oh Jmom,
I totally feel you. I have been home with the kids longer than I will be before they start school. Did I word that right? Basically the babies will be 3 and they go to school at 5.
Our kids grow before our eyes. I am SO thankful I have been able to stay at home. Have those days always been pure heaven? No. Not at all. Has it gone by fast? Yes.

There's a story I want to share with you and your readers. When I was pregnant with the twins, we started looking for daycare. We looked and looked. I was determined to go back to work. I finally found this church by my house and they had 2 openings. Well, they notified me that they were closing. This was in Feb and I was due in May. Well the new daycare was going to have an opening soon but they wanted me to start at another location (about 8 miles from my home) so I would be first on the list to get into their location when the slots opened. Well the day we dropped by for a trail visit it was chaos. One baby in the crib crying/alone. Horrific overhead lighting. Glaring down on the kids. This one lady had horribly greasy hair and it was hanging in this child's face (this was a top rated daycare too!)
I was in tears when I left. My sweet premie babies were 2 1/2 months old. You could still see the really pink/translucent skin they had. So frail. I was crying when we got back to the car. It was hot. I was loading the stroller, babies in 90 degree weather. I was STRESSED! To make a long story short, my MIL sat me down and said "Let's just have you stay home"....Do you know the relief I felt? All this time I was wanting an opening at a daycare and there was an opening.......IN MY OWN HOME:)
The days/months/years go by so fast. I want to capture it all and if it means I look raggedy half the time then so be it. lol
-Shannon in Austin

Bethany said...

Your young ones were adorable, are stunningly beautiful, and radiate God's love and joy in the photos & stories you post! :) God Bless your lovely family-- someday I hope to be a mom like you!!!