Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday To You & You & You!

November is a busy birthday time in our house. Nana (the trio's paternal great-grandmother), BeeBee (my Mom) and Poppy (my Dad) all have birthdays within 2 weeks. So, Saturday we celebrated by having a party at our house for BeeBee in the morning and Nana in the afternoon. (We'll celebrate Poppy the day after Thanksgiving) We had balloons, streamers, cookies, cupcakes, cards, gifts & singing. The kiddos were totally into it! *My hard drive crashed and I am unable to download pictures from my camera to my laptop--so you'll have to use your imagination.

I had a funny realization the other day, though. I think they still don't understand that it is unique to have siblings exactly the same age as you. They think everyone shares their birthday. The whole notion of "YOUR special day" is lost on them. Last month on my birthday they kept saying "Mommy & Daddy's bir-day." This weekend it was "Nana, BeeBee & Poppy's bir-day."

This morning, as I was putting away the last of the evidence of our celebrations, I did something completely juvenile. I inhaled helium from a balloon and sang for the children. (Don't worry, I went in the laundry room to do it so they would not get ANY ideas.) They thought it was hysterical. They were all giggling and trying to imitate the voice. P was shouting: "Silly Mommy sings like a ba-by!" K then announced: "Hey, Mom. I have the make-ups!" (as she hiccupped loudly and started giggling all over again.)

Happy Birthday, Mom! (Today is her actual birthday and she doesn't have to share it with anybody.)


Paulette said...

Ill bet there is some real fun in your home. Sounds like a wonderful time. It is so neat that the triplets have both sets of active Grandparents what a blessing.
Have an awesome Thanksgiving Jenmom!!

Erin said...

You sound like such a fun mom!! Too bad we don't have an audio clip of that!!! :-)

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

How cute to think they think everyone shares a birthday:)

Alison said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Sounds like it was a blast!