Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pictures and Perspective

This weekend my boys went on a special fishing trip with my husband and his Dad. Three generations of Scott fishermen meant sweet memories for all.

While they were piling up red fish, I had a chance to plan a special adventure with my K. Her number one request was "a bike adventure around town where you teach me more about photography." Well, twist my arm...on Saturday afternoon we took off.

As I handed over my Nikon with just a few basic tips, I marveled at my girl.

From her stance, to her zoom I realized by observing her that she has certainly been watching me. She had picked up so many nuances that I never mentioned, nor realized I was modeling.

And the implications were clear. She had her own style, but it was heavily influenced by what she has seen through the years.

She reveled in her chance to be in control, behind the camera, independently choosing the subjects. She didn't have many questions. She just wanted to experiment. We talked briefly about composition and light--and then I kept my mouth shut and let her click away.

Today when I finally pulled the photos off my memory card and onto my computer I was blown away. Here are just a few of the images she took.

It was both astounding and humbling to realize my little bit took every one of these images without any intervention from me--a true picture of her budding independence. As I flipped through the dozens of images she captured I couldn't help but grin at the surprises that often come when we back up and let our kids explore.

And I marveled at the gift of really being able to see things from her perspective.

I felt like the photos were little glimpses into the types of things she notices and cares about.

We talk a lot, but this was if I had gotten to be her eyes for an afternoon. If only it were always so easy to see what they are seeing, to have a way to capture what they value! 

I am grateful for this glimpse--and the reminders that:
 She is watching what I model. 
She's going to learn a lot more from experience than lectures. 
There is so much I've yet to learn and know of her.
Her point of view/perspective is not the same as mine.
We can have a lot of fun on this journey to adulthood. 

I really love this phase of parenthood!


Carri said...

LOVE this! And I think she's found her calling! Her photos are awesome!!

Melene@Sing For Joy said...

Beautiful photos! I spoke to our congregation yesterday about the new mentoring ministry we are starting and told the ladies we are all being watched and in turn we are all "mentoring" whether we know it or not. You are "mentoring" even you don't think you are. A great reminder for all Moms! Love your blog!

walnutshademom said...

I am always so ministered to by reading your blog. Our four are now 15, 20, 22, and 24. They are great people and they are each facing unique challenges right now. Your sensitivity, your wisdom, your purposefulness and focus all touch my heart and challenge me - in my relationship with God, in my marriage, and in my parenting. Thanks for writing so well about such important matters. Not only are you making a difference with your people, you are influencing people you will probably never meet. Keep it up!