Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

I had all sorts of random fears when I first learned I was carrying three babies. 
Would I ever sleep again?
Would people ever be able to tell them apart?
Would they speak in their own language & plot an uprising without my knowledge?
How on Earth would I manage alone time with each child?
Would this "trio" be able to find themselves as individuals outside of the group? 

So many of these fears weighed into early decisions like: 
Sharing a room or not (and for how long)
If/When to split them up at school
and even whether it was detrimental to dress them as a unit

There were so many opinions and a healthy amount of discussion surrounding each of these topics.

And like so much of parenting, my husband & I ultimately made decisions as they came and then we exhaled a prayer or 25 and went with it. Often we had to tweak and adjust, because life works that way. An important lesson in parenting was reinforced: There is no formula but to love hard, pray hard and be willing to recognize and follow through with necessary adjustments along the way.

As we enter these tween years, I do a lot more coaching that instructing--and that requires observation. I am loving the opportunity to watch and see how God is bringing things together in these young lives.

After a decade of investment, shoots of growth & fruit pop up at random times, like last night during our school's Open House. Each 4th grader made an "About Me" wheel that was displayed on the classroom walls with a visual representation of 8 things they enjoy. I marveled at 24 examples of my children's stories unfolding.
At 10 years old, she aspires to be a Veterinary Surgeon or a National Geographic Photographer "that hangs off cliffs." 

At 10 years old, his career goal is to be a video game maker or a dog trainer.

At 10 years old, he aspires to be a professional sports player.
I am documenting these for posterity's sake, because I know time will change the specifics, but the message to my heart is the same.

Take the role as parent seriously, but remember their story is ultimately being written by One far greater than you. 

Love. Pray. Breathe. Pay Attention. Marvel.

Because even though mine have shared a womb and a life they are each growing and bending and blooming in different ways under the direction of the master Gardener who continues to provide, nurture, and prune.

And so am I.


Keri said...

Reading your kids' wheels made me smile. Having followed your blog since they were toddlers makes me feel as if they're out-of-town relatives that I'm fond of but never get to see in person. So seeing these glimpses of their "likes" is just sweet. :)

Liz said...

So sweet!! {But did you mean to edit out their names? I know you usually do.}

Liz said...

PS I love that Parker has golf, frisbee and frisbee golf listed on his wheel!