Monday, July 21, 2014

This Mama's Mantra

In my ten years as a Mama, I have read (or skimmed) a lot of books and visited a lot of websites. I've talked with teachers, my husband and other parents hundreds of hours. I've begged God to redeem the holy mess I fear I am making with these precocious children.

Ironically, the more I read, talk, pray and experience the simpler my parenting philosophy becomes:

Show Up.

There is no book or formula that can address each specific circumstance. Even the Bible, so full of Truth doesn't directly speak to many of my in-the-moment issues--but it clearly speaks to my heart through the life of Jesus.

He prayed to stay in tune to the heart of His Father. He showed up for people when they needed Him. He loved with everything He had. Over and over and over again.

This is not just good parenting advice. It seems to work pretty well for marriage, friendships and simply being a good neighbor.

Best of all, the mantra is simple enough even a frazzled Mama can handle it: 
Show Up.


Michelle said...

Great advice for any stage of parenting

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John and Kitty Miller said...

I'd add one word, you'll find it especially helpful in the teen years:



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