Sunday, January 05, 2014

Memory Project 2014

I struggle with Scripture memory. I've tried the apps, the notecards, sticky notes, etc. I usually feel defeated before I start. However, a post by Ann Voskamp this weekend kicked me in the gut. She said,
"When I see Jesus as useful, He’s a gadget to make my life better. When I see Jesus as beautiful, He’s a joy that makes me live better….
That’s the question that moved me from one year into another:
Am I a Jesus-user? Or a Jesus-adorer?
How does the church stop being a bunch of Jesus-users? And become a host of Jesus-adorers?
When did Jesus become more about business-like benefits to us instead of The Beautiful who calls us Beloved?
Looking for the beauty of Christ in the everyday isn’t some quaint exercise in poetry. It’s a critical exercise in staying alive." “Your new life, which is your real life, …. is with Christ. He is your life.” [Colossians 3]

I realized that the problem isn't with my brain--but is instead with my heart.  Ann went on to ask: "What if God's word is more than just a manual for our lives?  What if it was a masterpiece for our lives-- that made our life a masterpiece?"

That's a point to ponder.

If any of this resonates with you, I urge you to check out Ann's post about #memoryproject2014. At the end she has free printables of two dozen verses...with mention of doing so again in March. There are also practical tips and ideas for success with Scripture memory.

Printing, cutting, reading, scattering about...sounds like a great plan for the coming storm...the real Winter one most of us are preparing for and the metaphorical ones we should be.


Fran said...

I'm doing this too. I desperately need His Word to be my life...and not just the manual. I need His word to breathe life to my soul...every day.....deep into our bones.

We can cheer each other on! :)

Katie Thomason said...

Thank you! I needed these words today as I too have had the same defeats when it comes to scripture memory. This is encouraging and challenging. I'm excited to pray over this aspect of my life and find a new heart and passion for God's word in this way.