Saturday, January 04, 2014

One Moment at a Time

It is hard to avoid the annual opportunity a fresh calendar invites to put a few stakes in the ground, but I am just not a person who gets hung up on New Year's Resolutions. I believe God's mercies are new every morning and that if something in life needs changing there's no time like the present. If your heart knows there's an area God is trying to address...who cares if it is a random Tuesday in the middle of August?

This perspective is likely why I have been drawn to blogging--it gives me the space to pause and ponder how things are going and where my heart could benefit from adjusting the sails. I have had commenters read this as being 'too hard on myself,' but most of my blog entries are just little mile markers along this journey--notes to self from my field journal of life, if you will.

The quotes I am clutching as I move forward with 2014 serve as great reminders:

"Another year is a collection of minutes. Want a better year? Just spend some minutes doing something better along the way." - Dr. Henry Cloud

And this:

"I resolve to accept each situation of this year as God's layout for that hour. One can pour something divine into every situation." Laubach

That's really my heart's be more present...more lean into what God is doing around me--even when it's not what I would have planned or what I understand. When I find my heart and mind obsessing over the unimportant or the things I cannot change, to shift my focus, fix my eyes and inhale the grace and peace He offers.

One moment at a time.

And when I invariably 'fail,' to remember it is not failure at all...but merely another opportunity to adjust, trust, learn and grow.

Happy 2014!


Mindy said...

HI, Jennifer. It has been a LONG while since I've been able to stop by and read your blog. Something brought you to mind last week and I thought about wanted to check out your blog and see how your family is doing......One of the things I love about your blog posts is how thoughtful they are. You really do see what God is doing in the everyday of your life and that I something I strive for but fail miserably on a lot of the time. I love that Henry Cloud quote. I'm going to write it down. Blessings to you and your family in 2014!

LeighAnn said...

Love this! Happy New Year to your sweet family!

Denise Ross said...

A beautiful reflection and you're right. Blessings

Sincerely Anna said...

Happy New Year! As always, I so appreciate the words you share from your heart and experiences.