Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seeing & Being Seen

A couple of weeks ago while out and about doing my daily errands, somewhere between the grocery store and the dry cleaners, my phone chirped to notify me that I had received a message. The text from my friend Tashia was short & sweet: "I see you. Your hair looks great."

It made me smile in the moment, but in the weeks since it has come to mind several times. It was an ordinary Tuesday. I was just another middle-aged woman in an SUV taking care of mundane tasks. But someone cared enough to let me know I was seen.

Last week the Lord put a couple of women on my heart. I sent them similar messages. "I see you and appreciate all you are doing for our church/school/community." And their responses were amazing.

It shouldn't really be a surprise. Isn't it human nature to want to be noticed (for the right reasons?) We want to know we are not alone. Even with social media, we don't always really *see* each other.

You, crying over your worries about that child...He sees you and has a plan.
And you, wondering if your marriage can make it through this...He, who can strengthen you and help you and uphold you with His righteous right hand...He sees YOU.
Woman, exhausted from the work of those little ones in your care...God sees you.
Sister, fretting over those pending test results...the One who watches over You neither slumbers nor sleeps.

And part of our being salt and light in this world is to pause long enough to SEE the people He puts in our path.

The overworked grocery clerk this week...SEE them.
The stressed out Mama in carline...let her know she's not alone.
The co-worker who's countenance seems to indicate things aren't so rosy in their home life...See him/her with God's compassionate eyes.
The child you keep shooing away who wants to 'help' you...(sigh) make sure they don't feel 'in the way.'
The husband who gets what is left of you at the end of the day...see and appreciate how hard he works.

Even when we aren't necessarily feeling seen, it can be contagious. In living this life of Love we have been called to...may we make it our practice to slow down and SEE each other.


Leslie said...

After a hard day of caring for our three week old baby, it's refreshing to be reminded that God is in control and SEES me/us. Funny thing is that before I read this post as I prayed about the stressful day, The Lord himself reminded me that he sees and cares for me.

Thank you for writing!

Lyndsey said...

Love this!! Such a great reminder! Thanks for sharing! There are several people on my heart to encourage this week:)

Gail said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing.

Annapolis, MD

The McBrayer family said...

so so good. love this.

The Preston's Journey in Kenya said...

I love and miss you, my friend! SO great to read this today.

The Mouchettes said...

Love your blog. Will you pray for me to have faith? That I will believe that God sees me and that he is who he says he is and that the gospel will be real and good to me? Thank you.

JMom said...

Praying Mouchettes :-)