Friday, November 29, 2013


I have recently realized that a contented, fulfilling life comes down to perspective. When I look at the world and the people in it, what kind of lenses am I wearing? "Me" lenses or "others" lenses? "World" lenses or "God" lenses?

You see what you are looking for. If I am looking for the sweet moments, I will find them. Likewise, if I am looking for things to complain about--I will certainly find those as well.

Some of this realization can probably be attributed to age, but I really think this is what the Spirit stirs within us. Scripture teaches, "you will find Me when you seek me with all your heart." Taken a step further, we will find glimpses of Him when we train our eyes to look for them. Then it seems He is bursting out in more ways than we can count.

It is not about perfection--it is about perception. Learning to really see is the beginning of gratefulness, contentment and overwhelming, life-sustaining joy.

Yesterday I saw reflections of Him the dirty dishes that meant I could provide sustenance for my family in a warm home with running water.

In the sweetness of relationships with extended family...we seem to always pick up right where we left off.

In the partnership of this hard-working man.

In the blessing of having both sets of grandparents--and even my precious Grandmama around my table.

And in impromptu cello performances for adoring Grandparents.
There were the moments not photographed of course...the tussling on the floor (somewhat inappropriately) when the kid table proved too confining. Thank you, Lord, for the life these children bring into my home.

The trekking back and forth to my neighbor's house for an extra oven. Thankful for a trusting neighbor who offered without being asked.

The collapsing on the sofa for Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special when all the guests had left. Grateful for time to simply rest and cuddle.

This life is far from perfect---but there is so much to savor. It can all be traced back to the hand of God. I choose joy and gratitude. It's a guarantee for a far more beautiful life.

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