Monday, December 10, 2012


On this rainy day as I prepare my home & heart, THIS post from Ann Voskamp (and the accompanying video from Igniter Video) were a powerful reminder--not only for Advent, but for life in general.

It is fitting that this came to my attention after a weekend of recitals for K & P.
As P strummed his guitar and K played her piano it became apparent that reading notes is only part of the is the tempo and rhythm that round out the true beauty of a piece.

In music and in life, it really is the pauses that make all the difference, isn't it?

Will we march through this month with our lists, our baking, our parties and traditions at lightening speed to make sure we simply 'get it all done' or will be take intentional pauses?

Pauses to listen,
Pauses to love,
Pauses to notice the people in our life,
Pauses to drink it all in

I am reminded today that the pauses will make all the difference in our life songs. It is a lesson not only for Advent, but for the whole year through.

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Immeasurably More Mama said...

Thank you for this timely reminder. :)