Wednesday, February 23, 2011


These photos are actually from a few weeks ago, but I just found them on my memory card and they made me happy.

For Christmas, K, P & R received a zip line from their Nana. On the first warmish sunny Saturday we set it up and tried it out.

K was not so sure about that line at first.She quickly got over her concerns!I sense a little nervousness behind that smile of R's.I see a lot of love behind this one! (His sweatshirt is a glittery, golden R creation representing his "Super Police Hero" costume.) I love watching my self proclaimed 'tough guy' be tender.

Speaking of tough guys, have I ever written about my P's alter ego, Comet? He is a super hero.
Comet also has his own symbol. It is a C with a circle around it and comet-type flames trailing it. (Please see P's hand-designed sweatshirt below.)Comet seems to always be with P, even at school. Many (most) of his papers actually come home with "Comet" on the name line at the top instead of P's given name. Thank you, Lord, for patient teachers who not only tolerate Comet, but love his dirty little face to pieces!

There is so much about the following photo that I love...
Being on Daddy's shoulders, striped undies hanging out, teamwork and cooperation between brothers, the light blue cape on R's back and that little smiling curly girl peeking through the bottom of the ladder-- just happy to be there!

My sweet family is all over the place. Hand drawn t-shirts, dirty faces, disheveled hair...We seem to have it less and less 'together' every day. But love? We have got some love!

I will gladly trade the perception of togetherness for the kind of togetherness that really counts.

(Unless you are sitting behind us in church on Sunday morning...where we really do need to get our act together. A friend actually told me this week that she likes to sit behind us because it makes her feel so much better about her children's behavior. I wasn't even offended because, well, I sit with my wiggle worms. I know what she means. But that is another post for another day...)


Melanie said...

I've never commented before, but I really do love your blog. I don't know if the boys have many capes but my sister sews and makes really cool capes. She designed one for my son with a large P on it for his nickname (Possum). You can check out her creations on facebook (Creations By Cricket).

"The Mrs." said...

Such sweet pictures! You have an award waiting at my blog ;)

Jenny said...

What precious pictures!

mamgof4 said...

Hi, I just found your blog and wanted to tell you I love the father daughter pictures in a few posts back.