Monday, February 07, 2011


This month, in honor of President's Day, the students in P & R's kindergarten class are taking turns serving as the class President and Vice President. They are encouraged to dress for the role and make a law that their classmates will observe for the day. The President also gets to sit their desk on an oval rug and protect the top secret class files.

Today was R's day to serve as the kindergarten commander in chief. He was thrilled!

My husband and I have frequently described our R as "Alex P. Keaton," the fictional character from the 80s sitcom Family Ties. He is an opinionated, proper, verbose little man.

I couldn't help but grin all day as I thought of him in his carefully selected bow tie and sport coat living his little 6 year old dream of power and adulthood. His law was that everyone in the class could do centers (computer, Legos, etc.) whenever they chose today.I know I am partial...but seriously, have you ever seen a prouder little president?

Unfortunately for him, he developed a little fever around 2pm that led to an abbreviated term. Thankfully he had a precious and capable classmate serving as vice president!

You should have seen the grins we got as we went to Immediate Care for a strep test (positive) in his formal attire. He was clearly the best dressed patient they saw all day!


HW said...

OH. How cute is he?

Our little guy....okay, he's now a 19-year-old Marine....was always called Alex P. Keaton because he loved Peter Jennings and only read biographies and non fiction from the time he was four.

Your little R is likely to be a very knowledgable young man when it comes to history and politics.

And we already know how handsome he is.....
I hope he feels better soon.

Jada said...

I'll vote for P when he runs for President! =) What a cutie!

Pam said...

Can you just imagine looking back on election day someday at this photo! Just precious. hope he is feeling better soon.

Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

What a cutie! I have always been partial to Alex P Keaton!

Amanda said...

Please tell him that Aunt Boo hopes he gets better soon!

He is so handsome!

Aunt Boo :)

Wife Goes On said...

How incredibly precious! My daughter wanted to be president,until I told her she had to learn to get along better with others. Now she wants to be a teacher....I found that amusing!

Tara said...

This just makes me smile...