Saturday, August 14, 2010


This afternoon while we were riding down the road K's voice announced from the back seat, "Mama, you, Daddy, R & P are my favorite people in the whole world. God is my favorite person in heaven. So, one day when I get married, I am gonna have to marry my second favorite person on this Earth."

Then P piped in, "But we are still going to live together."
"Yes," K assured him, "all in the same house."
"Even me," R said.
"Wow," I replied, "I hope it is a big house."
"Yes," K said, "a very big house."


Lori said...

I just love those 3 sweet little ones of yours...and their mommy! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I learn so much from your writing of just your everyday life. I love your honesty about your struggles as a mom. From the outside let me tell you that I think you are doing a GREAT job with your trio as a set and being a mommy to each of their individual hearts.

nen said...

I am glad you have this in writing for future reference. :)

Jada said...

That's so cute! I took my youngest sister's two boys, Ben (8) and Matt (5.5) to the Strasburg Rail Road (about an hour's ride from their house). The conversation started with Ben asking me if I was married (no) why not (because God show me who I'm supposed to marry yet) and then he asked Matt if he was going to live at home when he got married. He is (LOL) and then Ben said he would, too, but that Matt would have to sleep on the sofa because his (Ben's) children, 7 of them, would need Matt's room. Matt said he could build 3 sets of bunk beds for them and the 7th child would have a single bed. Their conversation just cracked me up!

Jada said...

That parenthetical phrase should read (because God hasn't shown me....)

Stacy said...

Too cute! :)