Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kindergarten Eve

School supplies have been dropped off. Prayers have been said. The Kissing Hand has been read. Children are tucked in. Their uniforms are ready. New shoes are lined up next to new backpacks. Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten!

P is still extra cuddly and clingy.
R is puffed up like a big guy ready to take on his new campus.
K is excitedly chattering.
I am strangely at peace.

I have had anxiety about this day for a few years. There are those events that serve as stark reminders of the passage of time--a definitive end to one chapter and a beginning of another. The beginning of Kindergarten is certainly one of those times.

God did a great work in my heart this week on two fronts--both related to perspective.

Thursday as I was cleaning my kitchen I had a realization.
Today there is a mother packing her child for college.
Elsewhere a mother is sending their child overseas for missions.
Another mother is sending her child across an ocean to fight in a war zone.
Yet another mother is sending her child into surgery.
And still another mother is saying their final goodbyes to a child who has left this world forever.
This is just Kindergarten.

Today as I was praying God gave me yet another challenge. Instead of thinking about all that I am losing, I shall focus instead on what my children are gaining...
New friends, new challenges, new life experiences, new caring adults who will contribute to their growth.

I am not naive enough to believe tomorrow morning won't be bittersweet--but I am sincerely excited for my little people. Here's to more sweet than bitter!


ChelseaSalomone said...

Thank YOU for perspective. I have been so busy preparing MY kindergarten classroom, gathering up MY lessons and MY materials, praying about how I'M going to touch and love and teach my new little kindergarteners... I have forgotten in the midst of being busy to stop and think about them and their families and what a huge change and milestone this is. This is not about me after all, and I need to remember that.

Also- wanted to say something about your Cow Patties post. I had read it back in July and liked it, but it has REALLY been great for me these past few weeks as my husband and I go through somewhat of a compost season in our marriage. I read that post again this weekend and read it to him too. Thank you for posting that.

Laura said...

Thanks for the perspective. I've been going over and re-going over our school choices for our now three year old who will go to kindergarten in 2 years. This will be her first year of preschool, and it is just 3 days a week, and half a day. I think that she'll really enjoy preschool, but I also keep thinking about how I'm giving up 4 hours with her - the 4 hours that are her prime time of the day - 4 hours that I don't have to give up yet. However, if we have to send her to public school because of finances, our public school starts at 7:50 and doesn't end until 3:45. It also has no rest time for Kindergarteners and only one 10 minute recess. Expecting that out of a 5 year old is, well, crazy. So...preschool...

Denise said...

I am so blessed from following you and your family since you and your hubby moved to our city. You are such an inspiration.(My children are grown and I have 2 grandchildren). I only wish I had the insight and gifts that you so graciously share!

dee said...

Oh,how exciting! I cannot wait to hear about their day and see how cute they look in uniforms! Our God is so good to bring to your mind those thoughts on perspective. It will be a great day. :-)

Pam said...

Oh this brings back such sweet memories. We used the kissing hand for several years and I miss it. Mine will be starting 5th grade on Thursday and it seems like yesterday that we were walking her into class. I have been forewarned that I will not be walking anyone to class this year, she is just to big for that! Makes me sad. Hope you and the kids have a great first day tomorrow. I will be thinking of you!

Liz said...

You're so right about the perspective thing. I've been sweating & freaking out about starting a new job tomorrow. One I didn't really want to get. Honestly I'd rather stay where I was, but our family needs the paycheck that the new job will bring so I'm doing it because I should.

But I've listened to a friend of mine talk about the stress of living their 19th month without a job....and I've prayed for another friend whose baby girl had a heart transplant this morning....and I'm reminded that my new job is NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!

Sure, God meets us where we are & walks us through every detail of our lives. But in reality, there are so many MUCH bigger things to worry about today than the new job I'm starting tomorrow.

Kelly said...

Such needed words tonight as we struggle with some big decisions for our girls. Perspective is something I often lose sight of. Thank you for this reminder.

twiceasnice said...

As a former Kindergarten teacher, this is a great day for all! They are so ready, and the stories they will tell! Post pictures! I love these pictures, they will be on the graduation table with the cake when they graduate from high school! fun!

k and c's mom said...

It IS just kindergarten...but IT'S KINDERGARTEN!!! What a wonderful place to spend a year. You'll see the learning happen right before your eyes. I hope it is a year of wonder and blessing for your entire family.

Angie said...

Very good reminder. Next year I'll be packing my firstborn up for college. I'll definitely need perspective then.

I love reading about your family and your precious three. Praying that today is a wonderful day for all of them.

Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

What a thought provoking post Jmom. Four yrs ago I was taking my 22 yo son to California where he would join a group of Christian English Teachers heading for a year in China. It was very hard to say goodbye and walk away, not knowing if I would ever see him again. I know than none of us have the promise of tomorrow. I have to say I shed some tears in the car. My stoic husband was also choked up! Charles ended up staying there for four years! He came home for one month each summer. It really brought home to me that my child is God's child...all the prayers I had prayed for him as a child had come to fruition. That gave me a sense of peace and Thanksgiving while he was in China.

Jenny said...

I'll be thinking about you in the morning!I can't believe they are starting K! Praying that their day is great and full of wonderful new adventures.