Monday, June 07, 2010


I have read a lot of books and had plenty of conversations with other women about how to keep ourselves 'fueled and aflame' during the long days and nights of motherhood.

For me, there is no magic formula. I am not particularly disciplined at keeping a routine, so I have had to look for quiet, stolen moments with God where I can find them (a sermon while doing laundry, praise music as I exercise or get ready, reading at various times of day).

I wish I were a morning person who could bounce out of bed at 5:30 and spend 45 minutes in the quiet darkness with coffee and my Bible. The days I do that are always my best days. I am just not there yet--and I don't want to live enslaved and burdened by guilt of how I am not measuring up. (Does that sound like a cop out or a realistic analysis? I don't know.) Ultimately, I have decided that the time of day is not as important to me as making the time each day a priority.

I found this quote recently, a beautiful reminder of why a daily quiet time is essential.

"There is much to be said in the Christian life; but it is God who is to do the speaking. Pray for silence both in your mind and spirit so that you may hear His voice. If He spoke to you in a whisper, would you be quiet enough to hear Him?

Silence is the very presence of God--always there. But activity hides it. We need to leave activity long enough to discover the Presence--then we can return to activity with it. Stillness is present in all beings, but we will never be aware of Him if we never stop and leave behind all beings to be with Him."

M. Basil Pennington
A great reminder that having a 'quiet time' is not just another legalistic thing to do on a 'devoted Christian checklist.' It is invigorating. It is vital. It is relationship.

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S said...

I feel the same way. I don't want to be "enslaved and burdened by guilt" either. It's sometimes hard to find that quiet time so I've learned to have a few stolen moments throughout the day instead of one large chunk of time. I also find myself pleading with God to yell at me instead of whisper...I don't want to miss anything He has to say!