Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy Scouts

Maybe I have just watched too many episodes of Max and Ruby over the last few years, but this afternoon during a particularly difficult task of motherhood, I couldn't help but think "I should get a Bunny Scout badge for this."

I desperately needed something to giggle about during a few tough moments today and found myself thinking about some of the Mommy Scout Badges I could claim.

Here are a few of my favorite accomplishments. Feel free to add your own in the comments:

Catching Throw Up Barehanded
Tossing French Fries into the Backseat
Getting a Stool Sample from a Child
Comforting Multiple Crying Children Simultaneously
Potty Training
Roto Virus
Giving CPR to Your Own Child
Traveling Through the Airport

Speaking of accomplishments, tomorrow I get to attend multiple class parties. Due to the end of the year schedule, the only time we could work out to celebrate the children's birthdays at school is tomorrow. We are hosting three parties in three separate classes at the same time. The children are ecstatic about their solo celebrations.

The tradition at our school is for the birthday boy/girl to provide lunch for the class--so we will be serving chicken nuggets and fruit for 68. Each of the kiddos selected their own type of cupcake--and of course, their own themed plates.

I took this with my phone this afternoon as they selected their plates and napkins (in our immoral magazine cover-free Kroger!) Tomorrow should be a fun day.


Marva said...

Have a great day tomorrow! Don't forget the poop incident, was it McDonald's? And then the one at the beach (maybe a playground?) Am I remembering correctly?

I would like to add that I have cleaned more poop off of walls and carpet than I care to remember. It resulted in duct taping diapers......

Also, does giving shots to your kiddos count? dealing with oxygen and apnea monitors too.

Having a potty or two in the back of our suv........

I'll hush for now.LOL!


JMom said...

Oh, Marva! I might have to edit my post to add these. :-)

Open mouth, insert foot! said... you beat maybe.. talking about er..the change with a 12 year old who was devastated when she understood it was an "EVERY MONTH THING!?!? WHAAAT? You're joking, right?" And continued to ask me for the next 2 weeks until she had to watch "the movie." Now, I am not allowed to speak of it..hopefully we will not have to talk about it again for at least another year (fingers crossed).

I personally think you deserve a badge for drinking Kleenex Latte....that might be worse than catching throw up but WOULD any of us trade it? No way..for every badge worthy moment is a giggle, fuzzy warm feeling moment x1000!!

Good luck tomorrow x68 seems HUGE!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Bless your heart with chicken nuggets for 68 children?! We're only obligated to some type of birthday snack. K- decided on brownies this year. Easy-peasy.

Good luck!

Pam said...

Bless your sweet Mommy Scout heart for all those lunches and parties tomorrow! I'm with the above commenter in thinking that's HUGE, too!!

Ok, my own badges:

Juggling schedules, obligations, activities, and responsibilities x 5 with one vehicle

Eliminating all vile odors from this and all past vans, including leftover sippy cups.

Digging unrecognizable substances from my washer and dryer that came out of someone's pockets or someone's pants.

Praying for you tomorrow, JMom!

HW said...

Well, since I'm in it for the second time I'm going to add "teaching them to drive." My mama always said potty training and driver's training were equally
Mama was right.

Oh, maybe I would earn a badge for the summer each of my kids broke a finger within a couple of weeks of each other. Both of them were casted up really good for a few weeks. Looked a little suspicious....

Traci said...

Wow- you're right- you do deserve a badge- 3 parties at once? Very Courageous! Have a great time!

dee said...

I'll throw in my gallbladder surgery with a 6yr old, 17mo old, and 2wk old at home! Whew! :o)

Sherri said...

Have fun at the parties!!! I love seeing what each one of them picked out :)!

Sitesx6 said...

Oh what a great idea...

Badges of honor!

I think we should all get a badge for Labor- for starters. ( I had twins the natural way-I get two badges for that)

Cleaning up Beefaroni that was hurled from the top bunk bed (hurled as in PUKED)

Plunging the toilet every day of my life, because my kids use TOO MUCH TOILET PAPER

Cleaning up the huge container of sugar that was spilled all over the kitchen

Having a good attitude when my nice Suburban got scratched a million times from bikes, bats, sticks, etc....

The list could go on and on... :)

Jillian, Inc said...

Hope the parties were fun! The catching throw-up barehanded just made me laugh. (With an extra badge thrown in for instinctively knowing when it's coming). And I am certain there are many variations of badges relating to the potty (or lack thereof). Hilarious.

Following Him said...

Ok, so I am curious how well each party went? They look so proud of their napkins and plates :)