Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laughter is Good

Proving that a lot can change in a week, I enjoyed a GREAT night Monday with the girls. They were respectful, participative, kind...what a turnaround from last week. Thank you to those of you who prayed.

We spent some time discussing Proverbs 31 and lingered a bit on the second half of verse 25. In the Message translation it says, "She always faces tomorrow with a smile." The girls remarked that they couldn't imagine living that way. It got me thinking about the importance of perspective. My life is chaotic and filled with daily foibles and noise. I roll my eyes, sigh and experience fatigue through many afternoons. Yet, when I sit down to record a remembrance of the day, I attempt to filter through the things that should be forgettable--the parts that won't have any lasting value. It is not about pretending life is perfect, but rather about choosing not to dwell on the negative.

Today I received an unexpected phone call from Amy Beth. She was in the area and wondered if we were up for a visit. I mentioned that K had her dress rehearsal late this afternoon for this weekend's recital and she decided to drive over to see. Unfortunately, once K and I arrived at the auditorium I looked around and realized there were no other little Minnie Mouse costumed girls in the place. Was I late?

Turns out I was early...48 hours early. Her rehearsal is actually scheduled for Friday. AGGHH! I was aggravated, afterall, Amy Beth had driven in town, I had arranged a babysitter, but God gave me the grace to laugh.

Back at the homestead, my children thoroughly enjoyed playtime with "Amy Beff."

I think she enjoyed herself as well!

Over dinner, she shook her head and said, "You don't get a tenth of this reading the blog." I couldn't help but wonder exactly what she meant by 'this...' the chaos, the noise, the fun, the non-stopness...all of it?

The afternoon wound up getting even more interesting as my curly girl gave us our first heavy dose of big-time smartypants sassiness. Is this five? Yikes! She tested. She pushed buttons. She persisted at it for several minutes--she even had a comeback to my suggested discipline. Woo! I truly had a flash forward to what 12 or 13 might be like--and I got nervous.

"She can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

Thankfully, I had a couple of things tucked away in my psyche to help me regain my perspective. First, these gorgeous flowers my husband sent me today....just because.

And a reminder of the funniest (gross-est) experience I have had in a while. Saturday morning when we were at family camp, I was watching the children play along the edge of the lake while my husband ran up to his cabin to shower. I was alternating between drinking coffee and wiping allergy-prone noses with a tissue from my pocket. Somewhere along the way, I lost track of the tissue...until I got to the bottom of my coffee cup and found it!

Ahhh, motherhood. It may not be glamorous, but there is definitely much to laugh about.


Kellie said...

Oh Wow! That is pretty gross - ahhh motherhood.

Perri said...

That is funny. Reminds me of Ryan giving me his ice cream cone and not telling me till it was all gone that he didn't want it because the cats had been licking it :)

Laura said...

Just wanted to let you know that I live in Asheville, NC and I was in our local Walmart yesterday. The magazine that you blogged about before now has a different holder than the others and it covers MOST of the objectionable words. HOORAY for you and for standing up in what you believe in. All of us mothers of early readers thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tara said...

That IS Geeross!!! had a real laugh out loud about that... blech!

What can you do but laugh. :D

Open mouth, insert foot! said...

I am glad group went better this week..I will continue to pray for God to soften their hearts and that uh-oh moments don't shut them off again.

As for the tissue..UGH! But what can you do? Positive: Yall already share the same germs, right? (I am really reaching on that one, huh?)

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I had so, so much fun with y'all. :)

My post will be up tomorrow, just as soon as I figure out a way to capture the moment(s) in words. ;)

k and c's mom said...

I think it is reflection that gives us the most accurate view of our lives. I don't want to always be telling the failures: I want to be able to encourage with the victories we have through God's grace. You are so good at "keepin' it real" but still spreading the joy. Thanks for a sweet post.

Aubrey said...

Ew! But isn't it a joy to get to have those little noses that need your attention?

Bethany said...

Ewww about the coffee, but I'm jealous you got to hang with Amy Beth! It looks like everyone had fun! :)