Thursday, April 02, 2009


It is generally not a good sign to pull into your driveway and suddenly find yourself unable to see your house. In my case this afternoon it was due to the loss of some of my dear old trees. Yes, that's right...I said some. I am not sure if it is clear from the following picture, but the large tree on the left was essentially two huge oaks sharing a base. This afternoon the right side emancipated itself and took out two other trees in the process. These were not small trees. They were massive and grand...and now they are gone. If anyone is keeping score, that is 5 large trees we have lost in the two years we have been here.

The tree service was able to come out and clear my driveway this afternoon. They'll be back to finish their work after the remainder of the storms clear tomorrow.

We are left with a gaping hole in our once picturesque tree line, a hefty bill for cleanup, very costly firewood and a great object lesson about having insufficient roots when the rains and winds of life come.

We are also left with grateful hearts that our animals, our home and lives were spared. They were beautiful, but they were just trees.


Bailey's Leaf said...

It is a sad loss, but perhaps you can plant more sturdy trees with the children so that they can see them grow? Just a thought. We did that as a family just a few weeks ago. Don't tell my husband, but I scored the tender layer of bark with an exacto knife with our last name and year. I sealed it with clear nail polish. (What else would a girl use?) I figure that as it grows, that will stretch and expand with it, always being the " -- Family tree from 2009."

Kellie said...

So sad to see those beauties go, but you're right, they were "just trees." thankful for your families' safety. What a beautiful piece of land you have!