Friday, April 03, 2009

Team Sweeney

Tonight we attended a Relay for Life event as a part of a surprise team for Sweeney. Our local Young Life leaders are predominantly students from a nearby college. They decided to have their team dress like Sweeney, which consisted of YL attire, khakis, fleece pullovers and his signature red hair.

Here's R, not so sure about that hair spray...
Cabell and Sweeney's 'surprised' faces as they arrived to find our crew cheering. They just arrived home from MD Anderson in Houston this afternoon.
A classic shot of my P...just enjoying the event.

We have talked a lot about cancer in our family. Last year one of our dear babysitters fought and defeated throat cancer. As a result, the children do not seem to fear cancer, as their first experience ended so well. They do know (as a result of the survivor lap at Relay events) that everyone does not beat cancer.

Last week when K said, "Mama, can kids get cancer?"
I told her they could.
"What happens to them? Does God make them better?"

I have been told by a few other Mamas that death and dying are popular topics of conversation at this age. So far, none of our conversations have hinted at any fear about such--just curiosity. K asked several days ago, "Will P & I die and go to Heaven at the same time?"
"Oh, I don't know what God's plan is, honey. Our whole family could go to heaven together, or it could be years apart when we are all very old."
"I don't want to go without P, Mama. He is my best friend."
"I know, sweetie, but Jesus will be there to meet you."
"Actually, Mama," she said, "I am just really afraid of going up that high in the air and want P to be with me to hold my hand."


Jayce Tohline said...

I remember when my son was this age- he asked questions about Jesus' return. I guess after giving it some thought he decided he would be prepared. He packed a back pack for the things he wanted in heaven, wore it at all times, and kept it by him when he slept. Daily he added important items "that he could not be without" till the back pack was heavy and cumbersome. Now, too heavy to take to nursery school, he would ask me to wear it while he was gone!!! I guess the plan was i would pass it off to him once we arrived at heaven's gates!
Such a cute age!

Love Being a Nonny said...

These questions, that seem so simple are really so deep. They were always tough ones for me with my daughter. my boys seemed to let it roll off their shoulders. But, my daughter, G, was a worrier. I had to be very careful how I worded things. This parenting thing takes a lot of work....You do it well Jenn Mom!!

Colored With Memories said...

"I am just really afraid of going up that high in the air and want P to be with me to hold my hand."

glad i didn't have my mascara on yet this morning!

JenniferBuchanan said...

I have "nannied/babysat" for triplets for years....they are one month older than your crew. We have had those exact conversations over the past month, but they make me cringe. I don't want them to fear death, yet I fear it so much! I'm glad to know that these conversations are "common" and hopefully just a phase.

Lori said...

"I am just really afraid of going up that high in the air and want P with me to hold my hand"

Oh.My.Word. That is the sweetest thing ever!

Praying that the bond your children share will just continue to grow stronger as the years go by. I am 28 and there are times that I still want my oldest brother to hold my hand.

You are doing a great job mothering these sweet children that God has entrusted to you. They are confident in your love for them and because of that love freely in return.