Thursday, March 12, 2009


Friday morning as I was heading out to drop the children at school before pre-op, I was met by the smiling faces of three of my sweet friends. Their arms were brimming with flowers and food to sustain my crew through the weekend. They had a combined 10 children of their own to get settled, yet they were there to pray with me at 8am. Isn't friendship awesome?

After we prayed, I laughingly confessed that I had such perfect peace I was convinced I was either being completely held in prayer or I was going to die that day. I have never felt so prepared. My affairs were in order: all the laundry and dishes were clean and put away, clean sheets were on all the beds, the house was clean (including my refrigerator), my bills were paid, four years worth of blog posts have now been turned into books by my FIL, my taxes have been submitted, even my car was clean! I have never, ever had my entire To Do list checked off! It was very, very weird.

My friend Priscilla laughed, "Well, you are certainly not going to die. NO ONE gets to leave under those circumstances!"

It was in that moment that I realized I was going to be just fine!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Too Funny!! Aren't girlfriends the absolute best???!!!

elizabeth said...

That is so funny and so very true! In Priscilla's own words..."Hilarious."

Linda said...

How sweet to have such good friends and too funny what your friend Priscilla said. Anytime I have had surgery I have to have all my affairs in order because I convince myself that I will not wake up from the surgery. So silly. Glad that the Lord has blessed you with great friendships.

Tonya Ingram said...

HA! Priscilla's right... that's too perfect to be leaving here! That's funny.

Andi (and sometimes Jacob) said...

Wait, I missed something. pre op for what?!

Meaghan said...

i know that God will be with you in surgery! i'm so impressed you've gotten so much done! i LOVED your fertility post! my BFF (who's emailed you) is struggling right now. i'd love any insight on how to support her. bad time to ask i you get out of surg ;-)

Shannon and Carey said...

Hi JMom,
I am searching and searching for the place your FIL got your blog printed for you. I remember you wrote about it. I think it is LULU but I am not sure. Can you answer me through your comments? I really appreciate it!
-Shannon in Austin