Sunday, February 22, 2009

Him, By Them

My husband got in around 1am from a long trip out West for a conference and skiing. After six days away, we are all thrilled to see him home. In honor of his homecoming, I could not resist doing a Daddy version...

1. What is something Daddy always says to you?
R, K , P "Hey Guys!"

2. What makes Daddy happy?
R "When we love on him."
P "When he loves on me."
K "What did P say?"

3. What makes Daddy sad?
R "I'm not gonna answer that one."
P "When he sees something that makes people hurt."
K "When we take something away from him."

4. How does your Daddy make you laugh?
R "I wanna tell you how I make Daddy laugh...When I tell him jokes like the one I made up at school. I'll tell you that one on my birthday."
P "When he tells me a caterpillar story."
K- "When I tickle him."

5. What was your Daddy like as a child?
R "Ummm...I've got to ask Daddy."
P "Playing with a talking cactus."
K "He had the same hair what he has right now."

6. How old is your Daddy? (38)
R "44"
P "21"
K "45"

7. How tall is your Daddy?
R "Bigger than Mommy."
P "He's bigger than you, Mom, because he doesn't have the same age."
K (Big grin. Shoulder shrug.) 19!

8. What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?
R "Play baseball with me."
P "Play Webkinz."
K "Four square"

9. What does your Daddy do when you're not around?
R "We get to sleep in your bed when he is not around." (The one thing about his absence they have enjoyed.)
P "He skis."
K "He goes on vacation."

10. If your Daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?
R "When he turns into a Mater!" (from Cars)
P "Monsters!"
K "Rock star"

11. What is your Daddy really good at?
R "Playing baseball."
P "Playing tennis." (He hasn't played in 6-7 years--even then it was annually, if ever)
K "Playing four square."

12. What is your Daddy not very good at?
P "Flying"
R "Driving a plane. So he needs to go to helicopter school and plane school so I can ride in one with him and sit by me and look after me and keep his eyes on me. If I want to read a book he can read it with me."
K "I don't know."

13. What does your Daddy do for a job?
R "He works with sick people."
P "Work."
K "Go to work and help the sick people."

14.What is your Daddy's favorite food?
R "Bananas like me."
P "Salad."
K "Asparagus."

15.What makes you proud of your Daddy?
R "When I say he wins in baseball."
P "When he does great on basketball."
K"When he is kind to me when I cannot find one of my webkinz and he finds it."

16. If your Daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be?
R "Mater."
P "Mack"
K "Mickey"

17. What do you and your Daddy do together?
R "He plays baseball with me."
P "He plays basketball with me."
K "He plays baby dolls with me."

18. How are you and your Daddy the same?
R "Since he has the same cheeks as me." (He is referring to his dimples)
P "Same hair."
K "We have the same eyebrows."

19. How are you and your Daddy different?
R "Since he has green and white eyeballs."
P "When he talks and I don't."
K "Because I don't have dimples and he does."

20. How do you know your Daddy loves you?
R "Since sometimes he kisses and hugs me and reads stories to me."
P "Because he loves me."
K "Because he tells me."

21. What does your Daddy like most about your Mommy?
R, P, K "When he loves on her."

22. Where is your Dad's favorite place to go?
R "Skiing"
P "Disney"
K "Colorado"


Bailey's Leaf said...

Such a good idea! I did this with my K- and have it set to post on Friday. Put a link to you and your husband's list. Thanks for such a fun idea!

Tonya Ingram said...

Both the mom and dad versions are wonderful. How in the world did you get them to sit still that long for them to answer all those questions, lol? I want to do it with my boys and see what happens. Will let you know when I do.

JMom said...

Both times I did it while they were eating breakfast. Good luck! :-)