Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Week in a List

In the last week the children have started to express a lot of curiosity about their infant/toddlerhood. I have been going back to my first few months of posts and reading to them about their first words and their early adventures. They have been thrilled!

It has been a real encouragement to write more about our daily life--in addition to the deeper things of what I am learning. To that end, I have had so much blog fodder in the last week or so, but it never seemed like anything came together for a cohesive post. So, tonight...a list of the craziness that is real life around here sometimes:

*Friday afternoon, I locked my keys in my car while it was running in the front of the carpool line. Thankfully, no one was in the car--because it took an hour to get a locksmith out there. Did I mention I have two extra keys, that were both inside my locked car? It was a beautiful afternoon, so the children and I enjoyed the playground while we waited for assistance...but, boy, did I feel like a moron!

*Saturday, I drove a 14 passenger van to YL camp and back. The 15 year old, hip hop loving teenaged girl who rode shotgun battled with me over the volume for the entire trip up. I insisted on a leader riding shotgun on the way home. When did I get to be the old fogey van driver?

*Tuesday, my husband left at 4am for 6 days of professionally required annual continuing education--that just happened to be in Tahoe where he could also enjoy a bit of skiing. ;-) The children and I went about our normal routine: small group for me, pottery and dance for them. That night K & I worked on a homework project she had due for school: a poster on the art of Russia...(Yes, she is 4!) The funniest part of it all was when I was reviewing the poster with her for comprehension and asked her about the section on Ancient Russian Icons. She said, "I know this one! Its the old Russian iphones!"

*Wednesday around 12:20am our burglar alarm was activated. It was a glass break alarm from our garage. Home alone with my three wee ones and a husband across the country, it was disconcerting to say the least. I was so disoriented and suprised to be awakened by the alarm that it took several minutes for the actual fear and what-ifs to sink in...just about the time I was attempting to get back to sleep.

*Saturday, we started the final countdown until Daddy's late night return by attending a fun birthday party, then a spontaneous road trip to enjoy the circus in Atlanta with Grandmother and Granddaddy. Somewhere along the way R got sick. I am not sure what he is fighting, but his temp keeps spiking to 102, despite a negative flu test and a negative strep test! He will be home with me again tomorrow.

Life is wacky and unpredictable, but somehow so sweet amidst it all. My sweet little sick boy wandered downstairs as I was typing this. As I carried him back up to bed he stroked my hair and gently rubbed my back. I couldn't help but notice how long he was getting as his feet seemed to strike my shins. As I placed him in his bed, he mumbled, "Mama, can you please sing to me?" One minute such a little man...and another still my precious little boy.


Colored With Memories said...

i enjoyed reading these everyday moments...but feel left hanging about the alarm...did you just go back to sleep, was it a burglar? how frightening!

hope r is feeling better soon!

Shell said...

Sounds like you had a very eventful week. I loved the old Russian iphone quote, too cute. I hope your little boy is feeling better soon!

JMom said...

Sorry to leave you hanging. I don't know what caused is a frequency alarm, not just broken glass, so it could have been that our dog knocked something over. I did not think it was safe to go out there and check it out--so I turned on all the outside lights and let the alarm wail for a minute of two (while on the phone with the security company). I don't want to think about the alternative, so I am thinking it was the dog!

Colored With Memories said...'re like was definitely the dog!

Liz said...

Your keys in the car story reminds me of a bad day I had last week too! Read about it here:

Tonya Ingram said...

Busy week! I love the last one where R was stroking your hair and back... those are the sweetest memories you always want to remember! And they grow so fast... seems like all of a sudden you realize how tall/big they've gotten.

Saturday - We were in Atlanta visiting the Georgia Aquarium. While we were in the CNN Food Court enjoying some lunch, I promise I was staring at a couple that I thought were you and your husband, and I just kept staring because I was going to come introduce myself, but then I saw the kids and they were not your adorable children... they were older. But funny you were actually there because I asked someone where everyone was going and they told us the circus and the boys wanted to go, but we had tickets to the Aquarium already.