Monday, February 16, 2009


This morning over breakfast the children started asking me if any 'bad guys' would be in Heaven. This led to discussion about 'the way the truth and the light' and the profession of faith necessary to enter Heaven. (Heavy talks for four year olds at 7am!)

One of the children asked me if people in jail can ever go to Heaven. I explained that people who made really bad choices could, in fact, have a change of heart and follow God. We talked about the fact that there were people who specifically went to the jails to pray with and for the people being punished there. I told them that sometimes people who loved Jesus listened to 'the sneaky snake' and made bad choices that led to big trouble.

Then, R mentioned our relationship with KP. (We haven't heard from her in months!) As we talked about the fact that, yes, we loved on KP in order to show her God's love, R shook his head and said matter-of-factly, "But she sold drugs again and went back to jail."
P added in a truly concerned voice, "I think we need to pray for her some more, Mama."

There are times when I beat myself up for being a bit too intense. I wonder how on Earth I can shelter my children from things like Spongebob, yet expose them to stories about drugs and jail.

I worry how they will one day explain their childhood and their wacky mother who took them to camp with homeless children while wearing monogrammed clothing--or the day we left a preschool party we were hosting to go meet bounty hunters.

I have passion, good intentions and a human, sinful nature. I love people who have nothing, yet still like a comfy, cozy name brand life. I wish I had it together and could consistently love Jesus the way I want to. I have SUCH a long way to go as a Christian, a wife, a Mom, a friend, a daughter...Yet, as I catch glimpses of the compassion God is developing in my children or hear their desire to pray for others I am humbled and amazed at how the investment being made in our children is starting to come together. Line upon line, day after day, the exposure to God's Word in music, stories and real life experiences is developing a foundation in their hearts and lives.

The fact of the matter is, God wants them to love, serve and glorify Him WAY MORE than I want that for them. He can use this broken vessel and He can redeem my mistakes. My children's days have already been written in His book. My role is, frankly, more about how He is using parenthood to sanctify me than it is about what He is using me to do in their lives. It is not up to me to save them---but what an unbelievable blessing that I get to have a front row seat in the work God is doing in their little lives!

Isn't parenthood AMAZING?


Todd and Randi said...

After our conversation the other day, I couldn't help but be tickled by the monogrammed clothing. You are doing a wonderful job! And have taught me tons as well. I too am learning daily that God is using parenthood to sanctify me.

A-and-Z's Mom said...

It is good for children to see their parents love those that the society has cast aside, it is good for them to learn about making choices. I talk to my preschooler about jail, too. How else would he know to make the right choices and not end up in jail?
It is also good for them to see us struggle, in our walk with God. How else would they learn that the Perfect One did die for us and thus by grace we are saved?

Tara said...

I was thinking along similar lines the other day - about what I talk to my children about - and then thought that if I'm reading from God's Word to them honestly... they're going to be exposed to a lot... and it is good.

ivegot5 said...

My mom and I had this conversation the other day, as my 14 year old daughter is being a bit rebellious and using my words against me. I am concerned about her choices of friends at this point in her life and she says.."but mom, you always said the Jesus hung out with the outcasts of society." (parenting teenagers..ugh!) Anyway - I love to read your blog as I also have 3 little ones under 4. It just helps to know we're all in this together. I love that you are teaching them about what really being a Christian means. It's all about loving. Loving whoever God puts in your path and on your heart. God is using you to train up these little ones for BIG things in their future. And whatever those big things are, your little ones will have such compassion and an ACTIVE love for the people they meet on the way.

Kellie Patton said...

I agree wholeheartedly - it's hard to "shelter" our children, yet let them see "reality" sometimes also in order to develop a compassion and sensitivity to others' needs. You're doing a great job and teching me along the way!

Stacey said...

I love reading each of your posts. Your love for God is evident in each one. I leave feeling uplifted and encouraged to share my faith more.

Tonya Ingram said...

Yes.. parenthood is AMAZING. KP... wow my heart goes out to her. I have hope that she get back on the straight and narrow path that God has laid out for her... she just needs to choose to take it. Prayer is powerful. You are God's vessel... be used in every way He sees fit!