Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Humble Pie

When we eat dinner at home without Daddy the children sit up at the kitchen island. They love when we play 'Chef Mommy' on these nights--and they insist I use a special foreign chef voice. (I cannot identify what nationality it is, because it changes constantly--often midword.)

Tonight we were playing 'Chef Mommy' when R requested dessert as reward for his clean plate. I informed him that dessert was not on the menu tonight.
"Please..." he persisted.
"No, my sir, your Mommy informed me that you had already had enough sweet treats today." I retorted in Chef Mommy character.
"But you ARE my Mommy!"
This turned into a silly game where I insisted I was the Chef, not the Mommy. Through giggles the children took turns insisting I was, in fact, their Mommy.
"How do you know?" I teased.
"You have her hair," P shouted.
"And you laugh like our Mommy!" K added.
Just then I accidentally knocked over something on the counter.
R responded, "And you just did that--and our Mommy makes mistakes a lot."

Apparently, I did get some dessert...Humble Pie.


Ashley said...

Oh wow, they are sharp little kiddos. They pick on everything. How fun to be "Chef Mommy". Love on these times, they are precious! Blessings

HW said...

And how happily our children serve us that humble pie.

Our children have grown up having Daddy Buffet on Sunday nights, which means Daddy pulls out all the leftovers, heats them in the microwave and sets them on the counter. Funny it always tasted better when Daddy served it the second time around.

Malu said...

Enjoy every second of this family moments with your children , you know time flies away ... You children are so smart and they reflect you in so many ways . I always read your comments and thoughts and is a good way to start my day. I am christian too from a Presbiterian Church here im Brazil and I do have a blog , please come around

Christi said...

LOL - too funny!

Anonymous said...

Just had a nice morning laugh! :)
I really enjoy reading your blog...
Have a great day!
In Christ!

smcvicker said...

Oh how precious! You are making some great memories.

Melissa said...

Your kids are so precious! Such a great age right now!